How Much Does It Cost To Fix Gynecomastia in Dubai | Male Breast Reduction Price

What exactly is Gynecomastia?

It is a disorder in which men’s breasts become swollen at any age. The disease can be caused by hormonal changes, inheritance, overweight, or drug usage.

Gynecomastia can induce psychological distress and undermine your self-esteem. Some men also might avoid specific physical hobbies and intimate relationships to conceal their condition. In this article, I will describe everything about it and you will also see how much does it cost to fix Gynecomastia in Dubai.

How to Get Gynecomastia in Dubai:

Most men find Gynecomastia (male breast reduction) to be an embarrassment. Two out of every five males are affected by this condition and believe it is a life-long affliction. Fortunately, this illness may be managed by following the most preventive measures.

Hormonal imbalances or fat buildup frequently worsen and result in an “Odd” breast in males. It’s merely breast tissue swelling; it isn’t a severe medical disease. However, for many guys, it may be a source of despair. While most individuals love a lot of exercises, there aren’t sufficient of them to comfortably handle this anxiety. Those habits are asserted by those who may have to wait months or even years to see their favorite performance. Nobody has time nowadays. All of them necessitate an immediate remedy.

Therefore, if you want a treatment for swelling breasts quickly, go for the Gynecomastia Surgery from best Gynecomastia Surgeon in Dubai. It is a simple way to get the ideal breast form and the contours of the muscular chest.


Gynecomastia Surgery is usually performed with general or local anesthetic and requires between 2-3 hours finishing, based on the complexity of the surgery.

The doctor creates a tiny incision around the axilla and inserts a cannula to evacuate complex, fatty areas during treatment. Afterward, the wounds are healed with inconspicuous scars since it is the least intrusive procedure. While you’re in Liposuction Surgery in Dubai, this is usually the case. While surgical excision is used, physicians eliminate excess tissue from the breasts by creating a possible incision in the lower hemispheres and safely restore the usual look.

Acceptable activities will be advised based on the client’s condition and the state of the breast. 

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in Dubai:

The Gynecomastia surgery cost in Dubai differs among individuals, as do the therapy period, extra facilities, prescriptions, hospital bills, physician fees, and so forth.In Dubai,the average cost of Gynecomastia surgery ranges from AED 12000 To AED 16000 .In general, the longer a person is under the doctor’s supervision, the more money they will have to spend for Surgery. Likewise, although some doctors may charge lower consultation fees, others are slightly higher. On the other hand, some private clinics provide high-quality treatments at highly reasonable prices.

What Are The Advantages?

  • Unless the disease was caused by drug use or obesity, the consequences of breast surgery are long-lasting.
  • People who attempted all sorts of medication and exercised with no success may appreciate the immediately apparent benefits of breast reduction.
  • It boosts patients’ self-esteem and helps them experience more confidence in their skin. 
  • In addition to correcting any defects, the operation cosmetically improves the patient’s chest to their satisfaction.

Are You A Good Candidate For Gynecomastia Surgery?

Every man who is conscious about his large breasts might benefit from Gynecomastia surgery. However, to be considered a suitable candidate, you must be in excellent health and possess high skin flexibility. Blood tests, which are the key to medical assessment, are typically recommended by doctors. Also, read over the following criteria for a more in-depth explanation:

  • The person’s breast growth should be steady. 
  • As much as the client is mentally educated to increase the shape of the chest surgically.
  • Patients suffering from bleeding problems and other ailments should seek medical attention first.

As the name implies, Gynaecomastia is a medical disorder that induces excessive swelling or growth of the breast muscle in men. As a result, boys over 18 who experience certain diseases are the ideal candidates for Gynecomastia Surgery in Dubai. They must, though, be medically healthy and free of any health issues that might pose a severe problem in the long run.

Recovery After Treatment:

Stitches or bandages might be placed on the cuts over the healing phase. Elastic dressings or supporting clothing could also be employed. It could be necessary to insert a tiny tube beneath the skin to remove any extra fluid or bleeding accumulated. It is advised to prevent intense exercise throughout the healing time to prevent putting too much stress on the cuts. Clients must also ensure that they regularly attend follow-up appointments with their physician following the procedure.

How Do You Pick The Finest Clinic?

Before investing in a clinic, it is critical to conduct extensive research and make several evaluations. Selecting a reputable surgeon to assist with the procedure is crucial for safety, efficacy, and quick recovery. Similarly, reviewing their past clients’ before and after images, medical information, evaluations, and other relevant data may help them make the best decisions. Hospital permissions also significantly influence these, so acquiring all information, particularly medical qualifications, bedding, and other amenities, post-surgery therapy, and staff conducts. Must examine all of these considerations before deciding on Gynecomastia surgery in UAE.

Final Words!

Dynamic Clinic is one of Dubai’s most prestigious cosmetic clinics. We have the most incredible team of doctors and nurses, and our Clinic is fully equipped to ensure our patients’ healthy and joyful rehabilitation. There are several benefits to selecting the Dynamic Clinic for Gynecomastia surgery in Dubai. You will enjoy the tighter, sculpted, and muscular appearance of your chest, as well as increased self-confidence. This revolution would undoubtedly, 

  • Discourage bodily instability 
  • Provide long-term consequences 
  • Allow free movement 
  • Enabling Better sex life and clothing options