How much does intimate bleaching cost in Dubai

Almost everyone experiences darkness in the intimate areas, but we only look after the exposed body areas, from different facials to tightening and firming the loose skin. People who’re bothered about the darker intimate areas can choose Skin Lightening Treatment for Intimate Areas Dubai.

What is Intimate Area Bleaching?

The intimate area bleaching or the Intimate lightening process works well in lightening the dark, private areas. This cosmetic procedure uses advanced cosmetic techniques like chemical peels, nanosecond and pico lasers as you experience in facials to provide the people desired results with a lightened vagina. It is a painless procedure with no irritation and discomfort. The darkness and the pigmentation in the intimate area are caused by hormonal issues, ageing, childbirth, and if they are rubbed by clothes.

Body Parts to be Treated by Intimate Area Bleaching:

The treatment can be performed to light the following darkened and discoloured body areas:

  • Anus Bleaching(Perianal Area)
  • Vulvar Bleaching
  • Vaginal Bleaching
  • Labia Majora 
  • Inner Thighs 
  • Buttocks
  • Knee, Elbow and underarms can also be bleached through the lasers

Is There Any Need for Bleaching Intimate Area?

Nowadays, Both men and women are developing an interest in Laser Vaginal & Anal Bleaching, boosting self-confidence, and making things pleasurable as per their partner’s interest. 

If the people opt and are doing something interesting, it doesn’t mean that the thing is worth going to.

The same goes for the intimate area bleaching. There are no scientifically or clinically proven needs and health benefits for this treatment. Still, it might be the reason for happiness boosting for the people who want the same skin colour all over the body, even in the genitals. 

Causes of Intimate Area Skin Darkening:

There is only one thing that can be the reason behind darker intimate area skin, but lining up from health to the patient’s lifestyle. There can be many reasons for discolouration and darkening in the vaginal areas, including:

  • Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Again
  • Infection
  • Other medical conditions like itching, genital allergy or rash.

Health and Lifestyle :

There are many health concerns and lifestyles which are the reasons behind the dark vagina.

  • Lots of coffee and dark soda consumption (which have cancer-causing agents proving the dark colour in the cola)
  • Artificial food colours are the reason behind the discolouration in the area around the anus.
  • Using deodorants or antiperspirants containing alcohol causes darkness in the underarm area.

Use of G strings:

The use of a g-string causes darkness in the anal and vagina, increasing the need to bleach the anal and vaginal area. The g-string makes the rectum opening more apparent and causes darkness in the intimate area when the fabric gets rubbed by the skin resulting in skin burning or skin tearing.

Removing Hair on the Intimate Area:

Waxing and shaving the hair on the vagina and perianal area cause darkness and blotchiness due to the heat, burning and resistance. Anything that creates heat causes hyperpigmentation and redness, also called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Is that actually a Bleach that is used for the Lightning Purpose?

Not at All, and bleach can never be used for Intimate areas. 

People get confused when they hear bleaching and think the intimate area bleaching is just like bleaching hair like we usually do on the face, neck, arms and legs. But there is nothing like that at all. There are a combination of the latest techniques used in this whitening process, including

  • Chemical Peels
  • Laser Therapies
  • Topical Creams

Laser Intimate Area Bleaching Procedure:

It is an effective 20 minutes to 30 minutes procedure without local or general anesthesia. 

The treatment works by using the latest ablative laser technology that gently removes the pigmented thin skin layers. The dermatologist uses the strenuous pico and nanosecond laser to directly target the skin pigment. After this treatment, the patient will be left with fresh, lighter, less pigmented skin with healthy skin cells. The results can be achieved quickly with no significant but minimal effort. It is a non-invasive procedure that lightens the dark skin by regenerating the collagen growth and makes the skin smoother, tighter and firmer.

The laser intimate area bleaching has minimal side effects, including redness and swelling.

After Procedure Care for Laser Intimate Area Bleaching:

The patient should remember that the maximum benefits can only be achieved by following the dermatologist’s post-operation guidelines correctly. 

  • It is advised to keep the treated area hydrated and clean using gentle products as much as possible.
  • Avoid using cosmetic products at least for a week or as your dermatologist says. 
  • Avoid tanning beds and limit going out to avoid direct sun exposure for two weeks, or use a sunscreen higher than SPF 30 if you have to go out. This instruction is a must to follow to avoid hyperpigmentation. 
  • The dermatologist recommends using tepid water (between 16 degrees centigrade to 38 degrees). Avoid hot bathing and washing the treated area with hot water for three days post-treatment.
  • It is strictly prohibited to involve in sexual activity for two days after the treatment.
  • It is advised to wear soft material and loose underwear after the process to avoid resistance. 
  • The person can go back to the daily activities, but it is better not to do strenuous workouts and exercises for two to three days

Am I the Right Candidate for the Laser Intimate Area Bleaching?

Though, Everyone can benefit from the laser intimate area bleaching technique, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist before considering it suitable for you.

Following are the points which might answer your question:

  • If you have dark, intimate skin because you belong to a specific ethnic group who biologically has darker skin.
  • If you have darker skin in the intimate area, that makes your physical appearance terrible.
  • If you want your intimate skin colour to be the same as the overall body. 
  • If you don’t want the darker intimate areas which somehow get visible in certain clothes.
  • You should go for the laser intimate area bleaching if you lack confidence because of suffering from the hormonal discolouration, stretching and ageing signs on the vagina due to childbirth.

Number of Sessions I Need to Get the Desired Results?

The number of sessions needed for the desired output depends on how well your skin responds to the treatment. As every patient has a different skin type, the dermatologist will determine your number of sessions. Sometimes patients get the expected results within two sessions, but on average, the dermatologist suggests taking at least three to four sessions.

Possible Side Effects of Laser Intimate Area Bleaching:

  • The most common side effect is that the patient may undergo discolouration like hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation, which can be treated.
  • The treatment will not benefit you if you are pregnant.
  • The Intimate Area Bleaching has no place to cater to you or will worsen your condition if you have a medical history of other vaginal diseases like genital warts or are still suffering. 

How Much Does Intimate Bleaching cost in Dubai!

The cost of Laser Vaginal & Anal Bleaching in Dubai ranges from 599 AED ( two areas )to 999 AED (four areas).

The cost is quite reasonable compared to the other Full Body Whitening treatments. The cost definition involves the expenses of other important factors too, and you will get to know the details of your personalized therapy and the total price.

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