Bikini Whitening Procedure in Dubai

More women are turning to whitening treatments in Dubai to get rid of unsightly, unattractive darker coloured skin around their intimate region, primarily for aesthetic purposes. This black tissue may develop as a result of maturing, a bacterial infection, hormone imbalances, genetics, or after childbirth. There have even been instances where both males and females have discovered patches of darker, unattractive colour after having hair removed from their genital areas.

People choose bikini whitening treatment in Dubai because of the simple procedure methods.

What is Bikini Whitening? 

Bikini skin whitening is a cosmetic technique that tries to lighten skin discolouration in intimate regions such as the genital area, bikini line, inner thighs, and places with creases. A bikini whitening procedure is performed on both men and women each year who feel as if their intimate regions are darker than usual.

Shaving, fabric friction, childbirth, hormone-related pigmentation, or just ageing may all cause pigmentation in the intimate area. Laser bikini skin whitening is a quick and painless procedure that takes around 20 minutes to perform. For best results, three to four treatments are advised every 20 to 30 days; although, depending on the condition, two treatments may be adequate enough. 


For most people, bikini whitening merely serves as an aesthetic procedure where people cosmetically enhance their intimate regions. However, this treatment also aims to boost patients’ self-confidence as well as improve their overall feminine or, in some cases, masculine hygiene. 


To get the best outcomes, patients must first determine whether they are a suitable candidate for bikini whitening therapy. A consultation is advised, although patients are often eligible candidates if they meet the following criteria:

  • They belong to an ethnic community that has a relatively darker complexion.
  • They’re unhappy with their physical look.
  • Due to their dark complexion, they are losing confidence.
  • They experience stretching, scarring, hormonal discolouration, and ageing symptoms.


The procedure consists of our expert practitioner providing the patient with a consultation to determine whether or not the non-invasive procedure is appropriate for them. If they are a good candidate, the following step will be to numb the region that has to be treated with a local anaesthetic, and the rest of the operation will be straightforward. The expert delicately applies the cutting-edge CO2 fractional laser to the afflicted regions, encouraging collagen formation and whitening and lightening the skin without leaving any scars.

How many sessions do you require for Bikini Whitening Treatment?

This quick and painless personal skin whitening treatment lasts just a few minutes. The number of sessions required is determined by your skin type. Dark complexioned skin needs 3-5 sessions, whereas skin types that are lighter in nature only require 1 or 2 sessions. On the other hand, the amount of sessions does not depend on the size of the area.

Following the operation, patients must pay attention to the area’s hygienic recovery. The recovery period is brief and straightforward, with little downtime necessary; nonetheless, it is critical to follow the specialist’s advice since healing correctly and achieving the desired aesthetic outcomes are crucial.

It is critical to have operations done by highly qualified professionals who have had only excellent outcomes. The results of the laser lightening procedure, in particular, have been known to give long-lasting results for patients, provided that they maintain the area. 


Bikini whitening treatment cost in Dubai

Bikini whitening treatment cost in Dubai will vary depending on the precise therapy required and the patient’s unique demands. During your personal appointment, all charges, as well as any available financing solutions, will be reviewed.

The average cost of this operation is AED 200 for each session, although it might vary based on the patient’s skin type and the number of sessions needed.

Bottom Line

A bikini whitening procedure is a good option for those who are insecure about their intimate regions from an aesthetic point of view. Not to mention, the procedure is convenient and relatively cheap for those who are seeking to improve intimate hygiene. After you have gotten rid of your dark bikini line, it is imminent and an excellent idea to take preventative steps to keep your bikini line from darkening again.

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