How Much Does Green Peels Cost in Dubai

Growing age results in different skin complexities. Not only the aging, stress, pollution, and poor health conditions are also the reasons behind such concerns. There are several ways you can inverse the damage of skin but in case you’re not comfortable with the abrasive skin therapies, Green Peels Treatment will benefit you a lot due to its herbal ingredients. Now the question arises that what will be the cost of Green Peels in Dubai? Because every person is curious to know about the cost details of this treatment. This blog post discusses Green peels Treatment cost for face after analyzing some important facts. Please continue to read our article to explore how much does the Green Peels Treatment cost in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

What are Green Peels?

Green Peels Treatment has been using for decades to overcome the damaged skin. It’s the herbal facial peel to restore the skin’s appearance. Unlike other peels made of chemicals, Green Peel comprises of natural ingredients your skin demands.

How much does the Green Peels Treatment cost?

The cost of Green Peels Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 500 to AED 1,500 according to different factors. Due to this reason, the cost of Green Peels varies from person to person. In case you want to treat extreme facial complexities cost of Green Peels treatment will be different. Some important factors are defined which helps in calculating the cost of this treatment:

1.      Patients’ skin condition and demands:

The price usually depends upon the skin condition, if a person wants to treat severe facial difficulties and wants perfect skin in less time, the cost would be higher. Discuss your skin condition and demands with your Dermatologist before you undergo Green Peels.

2.      Sessions you need to attend:

The right number of sessions can be suggested by the expert Dermatologist after analyzing the skin condition, medical details, and required appearances. Each sitting has specific fees, so it’s highly advised to attend every session for the finest upshots.

3.      Experience and Qualification of Clinician:

Experienced doctors cost more as compared to the standard ones. People usually prefer professional clinicians over others to eradicate the risks and complications. So it’s better to get the treatment from the right person to escape the long-term difficulties.

4.      Location and reputation of the clinic:

Every clinic has different rates depending upon their staff, facilities, doctors, and reputation. However, the clinic located in posh areas cost more as compared to ones in local areas. Many individuals prefer getting their treatments from Dynamic Clinic due to its comfortable environment and the best staff. Our price range is affordable to everyone, Get in touch with us to know the exact cost of Green Peels treatment in your case.

Green Peels- 3 Steps:

Green Peels Treatment will take almost one hour to complete with no long recovery procedures because it’s the completely natural process comprised of herbal products.

  1. A dermatologist will start the process of Green Peels Treatment through gentle cleansing of skin that aims to expose the pores.
  2. The process is then continued by the skin-specialists by applying the Herbal mixture on the face and it’s massaged gently to eradicate the dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production.
  3. After removing the applied peel, a wrapping pad is used to suck the herbal mixture. Once it’s done, Green Peels procedure is then terminated by applying facial moisturizer.

Is it Safe? Does it require post-precautions?

Green peel is a natural and organic cure but like every procedure, it also requires to follow some aftercare instructions for finest and long-term upshots. However, it’s the safest approach when performed by experienced doctors so get this therapy from professionals and eradicate lifetime risks. In some cases, redness, swelling, and itching can be felt which is normal and will go away so there is no need to worry about it. Somehow, the patients will start noticing peeled off skin after 3-4 days of treatment which can be maintained for a life-time by following some important instructions:

  1. Moisturize your skin daily.
  2. Don’t use makeup or other cosmetics, keep it natural.
  3. Avoid the direct heat from the sun or any stove. It may reverse the effect of Green Peels.
  4. Don’t expose your skin any water.
  5. Apply prescribed antibiotic ointment right after the procedure.
  6. Use cold packs to get off discomforts.

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