How Much Does Eye Bag Removal Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi

To get an attractive appearance you need to have good facial features because they matter most to first impressions. Eyes are an important part of the human body so they should be free from all the problems and conditions.

People feel embarrassed and less-confident with having bags under their eyes. We are offering several surgical and non-surgical treatments to help people who are struggling with eye bags.

Decreased amount of collagen underneath the skin causes the skin to lose elasticity due to which it becomes saggy. This sagging most commonly appears around the eyes because the skin around the eyes is thinner than other parts.

Most common causes of eye bags include aging, stress, sleep issue, allergy, sun exposure, and alcohol use. The first thing that comes in mind while considering any treatment is the “cost”. Continue reading to know more about eye bag removal costs in Dubai.

Are the Results worth the Money?

Undergo Eye bag removal treatment and regain the natural youthful look of the eyes. Both surgical and non-surgical treatments are effective because the results produced by them are brilliant. It not only improves the appearance but also boosts confidence. The procedures of these treatments are short, simple and easy to perform. To some extent, Eye bag removal treatment also aids in vision. Our skincare experts are using several advanced techniques to remove the eye bags permanently.

Take proper treatment and follow all the before and after instructions to get the best possible results. The best thing is about eye bag removal treatment is that it can be done on all types of skin tones and textures. It is important to note that the final results will appear after the treatment site is completely healed. You will notice a significant improvement in the appearance of the eyes after getting the treatment. So the treatment is worth the money you spend.

Surgical Options:

Common Surgical eye bag removal treatments include,

  • Blepharoplasty
  • Trans-conjunctival Blepharoplasty
  • Lower eyelid surgery
  • Upper eyelid surgery

Non-Surgical Treatments:

Common non-surgical eye bag removal treatments include,

After undergoing any treatment, it is your duty to follow your doctor’s instructions during the recovery phase. It will help you to achieve and maintain the effects for a longer period of time.

What is the Cost of eye bag removal in Dubai?

Cost of surgical eye bag removal is relatively higher than non-surgical treatment. Contact our team to know the exact cost because knowing it is your right. There are different factors that affect the cost such as

The Location of the Clinic:

The cost of eye bag removal varies from city to city because location of clinic and quality of services the clinic is providing play a major role in determining the overall cost of the treatment. In other words, we can say that that rates of cosmetic treatments are different in Dubai than in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Expertise of the professional:

Surgeon’s fee is an important cost factor. Generally, board-certified and highly skilled surgeons demand more fees than others.

Number of conditions you want to Treat:

If you want to remove only eye bags Removal then the cost will be less. But if you want to treat dark circles along with eye bags then definitely you will be paying more. So in general, the total cost will be the sum of all the treatments the surgeon is performing.

Technique used:

There are several treatments by which the problem of eye bags can be solved. Surgical treatments cost more than non-surgical treatments because surgeries require more time and effort of the surgeons.

Number of sessions

If you are considering non-surgical option such as laser treatment to treat eye bag then keep this in mind that you will need 3-4 sessions to get the desired results. Greater the number of sessions, the greater the price.


Find a best provider

Always look for the best plastic surgeon if you want to get the best possible results of eye bag removal treatment. Meet him and ask questions about the procedure to clear your confusion.

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