How Much Does Clitoral Hoodectomy Cost in Dubai

Even technology has taken beauty and perfectness to another level for decades. From facial revitalization to vaginal rejuvenation, It has come to a solution to every problem with several approaches. Still, most women are unaware of vaginal regeneration techniques. They are going through vaginal imperfections, thinking there isn’t any life-changing solution but frustration and embarrassment. One of the vaginal problems is a drooped and un-set clitoral hood. The best solution is a Clitoral hoodectomy in Dubai at pocket-friendly prices.

Clitoral Hoodectomy: 

Also known as clitoral hood reduction, an outstandingly beneficial procedure that involves removing the excess tissue or skin around the clitoris (female sex arousal point), making it apparent and improving the overall vulva appearance. 

The technique helps improve overall clitoris functionality that has been disturbed and affected due to the long clitoral hood. 

Am I a qualified candidate for Clitoral Hoodectomy?

  • If you lack sexual pleasure and want to be more confident while having sex, you are good to go for a clitoral hoodectomy.
  • If you can’t wear tight clothes such as a bikini and skinny jeans because of the visible and drooped clitoral hood, there is no perfect finish; you would be an ideal candidate.
  • If you don’t want to feel embarrassed because you can’t satisfy your partner in bed, You must go for it.
  • If you’re not feeling orgasm or not excited about getting intimate because of the drooped and excess overlying skin on the clitoris.
  • If you want to improve and enhance the appearance of the vulva because you don’t like it the way it is.
  • Apart from intimate moments, the excessive skin around the clitoris causes irritation and discomfort while wearing clothes, during exercise and in daily activities.
  • Women who have realistic expectations from this therapy are suitable candidates to get it.

How long does Clitoral Hoodectomy take to heal?

It is normal to experience swelling and loss of sensation in the treated area. It is a surgical vaginal rejuvenation therapy that takes some time to heal. The patient will be given painkillers and some other medications. Patients are likely to take up to four days to completely recover. Still, you have to limit strenuous activities and heavy workouts for at least two weeks. Women must wait for at least six weeks to resume their daily chores, including exercises.

Benefits of Clitoral Hoodectomy: 

Clitoral Hoodectomy provides several benefits, but the significant advantage is Increased Sexual Pleasure and Stronger ORGASMS!! What else does someone ask for?

Below are the more benefits:

  • Improved and enhanced body image with boosted confidence.
  • You can quickly and confidently wear what you want to.
  • The treatment does vaginal transformation by the clitoral hood improvement that causes irritation.
  • Without embarrassment, an intimation full of enhanced sexual pleasure and prolonged sex.
  • The minimized discomfort and irritation during sexual intercourse. 
  • Improved and better relationships when you satisfy your partner.
  • Increased capability to reach climax.
  • Natural-looking and youthful vagina.

Are there any Side Effects of Clitoral Hoodectomy?

Like other surgical treatments, Clitoral Hoodectomy also has some temporary minor side effects, including numbness, swelling, discomfort and irritation. The patient will not experience major side effects until he gets the clitoral hoodectomy therapy from an expert and experienced surgeon.

How Much Does Clitoral Hoodectomy Cost in Dubai?

Clitoral Hoodectomy cost in Dubai is expected to be 20,000 AED. You will further get to know treatment and cost-related details during your consultation at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic.

It fluctuates from person to person and depends on the client’s individual demands. The treatment price includes several aspects that are why your treatment cost is not the same as other patients. 

Following are the factors which decide how much you’ll be charged for the Clitoral Hoodectomy therapy:

  • The cost relies on the patient’s requirements and aesthetic goals.
  • The expertise and knowledge of your surgeon.
  • Provider’s location and modern equipment used.
  • Other needs like medications, facilities, anesthetic fees and lab tests.

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