Botox in Dubai

Forehead has a significant effect on our appearances. If aging signs start appearing on the face, one can become self-conscious because who even wants to let go of youth? This is why our dermatologists offer Botox for the forehead in Dubai so that you regain the firmness of your skin. You can easily get your wrinkles removed with the help of the famous non-invasive treatment, i.e., Botox. There are minimum to no risks attached to this procedure. Instead, it can make you feel more beautiful by getting you the desired results. Read on to know the exact price of Botox in Dubai.

Botox for Forehead:

Botox are injectables that aim at eliminating all wrinkles and furrow lines from the forehead. Botox injections contain botulinum toxin which is responsible for freezing your muscle’s functionality. Once Botox is injected in your forehead, the contractions of muscles cease. Due to this cessation, wrinkles do not appear. Therefore, the purpose of Botox is to relax muscles so that the aging signs do not become visible.

Why Do We Need Botox?

Our body is constantly exposed to sun exposure and dirt. Poor nutrition and life choices also contribute to speeding up our aging process. All factors combined; our skin starts losing an essential protein called collagen. This protein is responsible for giving structure to our skin. Because of collagen’s reduction, our skin becomes saggy. Moreover, our habitual expressions, especially those of worry, contribute to making these lines visible. To combat all these problems, many individuals want to get rid of forehead lines. Botox in Dubai are many people’s first choice for the said purpose.

Cost of Botox on Forehead in Dubai:

The cost of Botox over your forehead depends upon the number of units that will be required for the treatment. At our clinic, you can get Botox on your forehead in Dubai at around AED 350. Sometimes this procedure is also combined with Botox for around the eyes and between the eyebrows. Therefore, if you opt for such a procedure, it is likely to cost you AED 1400. In short, the cost is influenced by:

The Number of Units:

If you have severe wrinkles over the forehead, you may require more units over it. This is why you can cost more than a person who has fewer fine lines on the forehead.

The Treatment:

Some people opt for additional treatments along with Botox which can affect the cost. Therefore, consult your doctor and inform them about your expectations. They can tell you which treatment can be opted for.

The Fee of Your Dermatologist:

The expertise and educational background of your dermatologist decides what they will charge you. So, if you go for a highly reputed dermatologist, you should expect the treatment to cost accordingly.

Location of the Clinic:

The cosmetic procedures in Dubai cost comparatively less in the UAE than in the UK and the US. Likewise, the price of Botox also varies according to the provinces and states. Do not forget that geographical location plays a major role in determining the price.

Efficacy and Longevity of Botox:

Botox in Dubai is probably the most non-invasive cosmetic procedure that is employed all over the world. This shows that Botox treatment is effective in nature which is why individuals are readily opting for this treatment. Empirical evidence shows that most of the clients that opted for Botox are satisfied with the results.

Botox can last for as long as four months if you take proper care of yourself. The effects can fade away sooner than this too because Botox only temporarily ceases the muscle functioning. They can start working again once the effect of botulinum toxin wears off. The results can be observed twelve to fourteen days after the treatment. If you opt for the treatment more than once, the effects start lasting for more than four months, which means that the efficacy of Botox increases.


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