How Much Does an Allurion Balloon Cost in Dubai?

Everyone desires to be in good shape and to be able to maintain their weight. For some, the aim is to improve their overall health by shedding some pounds. For some, the goal is to reclaim the confidence they feel is being hindered due to their weight. Whatever the goal is, you have come to the right platform. You will have all your weight loss problems addressed in the form of this guide. Continue reading about Allurion Balloon in Dubai. Or you can sign up for a consultation to have a personalized meeting arranged for you with one of our experts. 

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What is an Allurion Balloon?

This is a micro device contained in a capsule. It is a weight loss device that is both non-surgical as well as non-endoscopic. It aims to help those individuals lose weight, who have been trying to do so using traditional methods such as exercises or making changes in their diet. What it does is, it activates the body to burn fat at a fast pace and reduces the capacity of the stomach to store massive amounts of food.

What is the Efficacy of the Results?

The Allurion balloon will create a feeling of fullness due to which the individual will eat and drink less leading to a reduction in calorie intake. The results will be a reduction in one’s waistline and in one’s cholesterol or insulin levels. The individual will feel an overall improvement in their health. This leads to a promising and healthier continuation of an improved lifestyle.

What Happens During the Procedure?

Below is a step-by-step guide explaining in detail what happens during the procedure:

  • You will be provided with a capsule that you are required to swallow. This capsule contains a deflated balloon with a catheter attached to it.
  • As soon as the capsule reaches the stomach, an X-ray will be performed on you to make sure it has been properly placed.
  • Having confirmed that the capsule is in the stomach, the doctor will then fill the balloon with a sterile saline solution with the help of the catheter. To make sure the balloon is inflated in an appropriate size, another X-ray is used during this step.
  • The catheter is then removed as soon as the balloon has been inflated.
  • You will be provided with guidelines from your doctor regarding your diet and are advised to attend all your scheduled appointments.
  • This entire process takes approximately 20 minutes and the use of general anesthesia is not required.

What are the Benefits?

Read along to learn about the countless benefits this procedure offers:

  • It restores the individual’s confidence and self-esteem that they may have lost due to their weight. 
  • The presence of the balloon in the stomach leads to a reduction in calorie intake therefore promoting weight loss. 
  • The placement does not require any incisions, therefore it is the perfect approach for those individuals who do not wish to undergo any surgical procedure.
  • You can resume your activities immediately after the procedure as it is a non-surgical procedure that requires minimal recovery time. 
  • The immune system starts to improve and activates the body’s natural mechanism system.
  • It may lead to improvements in cholesterol levels and blood sugar control.
  • As a result of losing excessive amounts of fat, individuals experience their skin getting clearer.
  • It will reduce risks of chronic diseases leading to an overall upgrade to the individual’s health.
  • It helps the individual in developing dietary changes and developing healthy habits that continue to contribute to weight management even when the balloon has been removed. 

What is the Cost?

The cost varies from person to person as it is a customized method. Several factors affect the cost of this procedure such as counselling services as well as consultations before and after the procedure. However, to give you a general idea, the average Cost of Allurion Balloon in Dubai ranges from AED 13,500 to AED 19,999. 

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