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Quit the Chips and Cake, for God’s Sake! 

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A Balloon in a Pill results in a Slimmer Tummy! Gastric Balloon in Dubai, making it all possible for you! 

Eating more and more, sitting all day and then ranting about getting overweight is useless. 

Get yourself up and focus on working out and eating greens more. If you can’t lose weight through this, then try another way. 

No, don’t get worried; we will not suggest you opt for fat removal surgeries like liposuction nor those painful surgeries which require deeper incisions and work by cutting up your stomach. 

We have something exciting for you that you’ll lose weight, and your always full mouth will be in control too!

What is an Allurion Balloon?

It’s a unique weight loss therapy specially made for adults above 18 years who are more than their ideal body weight, overweight or obese. Other than some surgical weight loss balloons, the Allurion balloon is a non-surgical weight loss technique with no surgery, no anesthesia, no endoscopy, Just Results!

Who Should Go For Allurion Balloon Therapy in Dubai?

For people who got nothing with diet foods and heavy continuous exercise and are not in the mood to get the surgery done, the Allurion Balloon might be the right choice.

Its name says balloon, but do you know the hidden trick behind it? 

Let’s Know Together!

How an Obese Person Can Lose Weight Through Allurion Balloon?

The Allurion balloon is placed in the stomach, creates a feeling of fullness and makes a person eat less with smaller amounts. That means a person does not feel hungry and automatically eats less because the balloon takes a space in the stomach and makes a person eat healthier in less quantity. This is how it prevents you from being empty-stomached and exhausted, eating healthier and losing weight effectively. 

How Does an Allurion Balloon Work?

Allurion balloon is a gastric balloon in pill form. No surgery and endoscopy is required, just a pill to be swallowed with a thin tube. Other than those gastric balloons which need to be placed in the obese patient’s stomach through surgery, the capsule expands itself in a balloon, taking a significant place in the stomach, which helps you lose weight efficiently by eating less.


Allurion balloon is just a 20 minutes procedure in which a patient just has to take a capsule attached to a thin tube. When a patient swallows a pill, the medical professional fills that tube with saline water, expanding the pill’s size in the stomach and making it a balloon. After that balloon gets filled, the doctor gently takes out the tube, completing the procedure. The allurion balloon gives a feeling of fullness when a person just eats a smaller amount of food. 

How long does a patient wait to keep an allurion balloon in the stomach?

This inserted balloon in a pill does not require surgical removal, but within four months, when the patient achieves their weight loss goals, the balloon gets emptied and passes out through the gastrointestinal tract.

Allurion Weight Program By Dynamic Clinic:

When you choose to experience the Allurion weight loss program at Dynamic Clinic, you can expect the following brilliance and efficiency:

  • Consultation with the board-certified Dietitians.
  • A totally customized plan that works effectively in a shorter time.
  • Customer choices and lifestyle is one of the top preferences.
  • Three outstandingly incredible weight loss packages with numerous benefits.
  • 24/7 Dietitian availability. 
  • Each procedure’s steps are explained in detail with proper guidance.
  • Budget-Friendly.

Gastric Balloon Cost in Dubai

Elipse BalloonCost
Original Price18,000 Dhs
Offer Price16,000 Dhs
Last Price14,800 Dhs
A Life Changer, Package 1 (18,000 Dhs) A Life Changer
2 Doctor Visits
4 Dietitians consultations
1 Body Firming & Slimming Session
Get Your Body Reset with Package 2 (16,000 Dhs) 
1 Doctor Visit
3 Dietitians Consultations
1 Skin Rejuvenation Facial Session
Get in Shape with Package 3 (14,800 Dhs) 
1 Doctor Visit
3 Dietitian Consultations

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