How Much Cost of Laser Hair & Body Bleaching Dubai

Nobody wants thick, coarse or even fine hair on the body as with them the skin no longer looks smooth and beautiful. Several cosmetic procedures have been designed to help people get rid of unwanted body hair. And the two most common procedures include laser hair removal and Hair body bleaching. Laser hair bleaching is simple, short, and safe as no side-effected have been reported by the previous clients so far. Another good thing is that all the body areas can undergo this procedure without complications as it only targets the superficial skin.

How Laser Hair & Body Bleaching Works?

It is a quick and affordable solution to the problem of baby hairs that are very difficult to remove. Laser light bleaches the fine hair by reacting with melanin in the hair. The hair shafts become invisible without causing any negative effect on the surrounding skin tissues. One of the most important convincing points about laser bleaching treatment is that it can work on any skin type: fair, dark, or tanned so anyone with baby hair can get benefit from this treatment. Also, you will not feel any pain or discomfort during the therapy as the treatment works superficially. So, if you want to hide or thin unwanted body baby hair then laser body bleaching is a perfect treatment for you.

Cost of Laser Hair & Body Bleaching:

The cost of laser hair & body bleaching is not fixed. It varies depending upon the patient’s hair growth and skin type, the number of areas you want to laser, practitioner’s experience & skills, the total number of sessions required, and the location of the clinic. You must be glad to know that the prices of cosmetic treatments at Dynamic clinic are relatively lower than in other clinics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Area being Treated:

While laser hair bleaching can be done on all body areas, you can expect high-cost fluctuations based on the size of the area being treated. E.g. the cost of the treatment will be higher for full-face than for underarms.

Skin tone:

The tone of the skin is another major factor in the cost of Laser hair & body bleaching. People with lighter skin tones are better candidates for the treatment as they just wonderfully respond to the treatment.

Number of Sessions:

To obtain fuller and long-lasting effects of laser body bleaching, the patient has to take more than one sessions. The practitioner will decide the exact sessions you will need to get the desired outcome. This aspect of the treatment will be discussed in the initial appointment with the doctor. Three sessions are normal but it could be anywhere from two to eight.

Location of the clinic:

The geographical location of the clinic also helps determine the exact cost. Doctors working in major cities of Dubai charge more for the services than the doctors working in smaller cities.

Laser Hair Removal – A Good Alternative:

In laser hair removal, thick and coarse hair follicles are targeted by using a special device. The device emits a laser that is converted to heat to get absorbed by the melanin pigment present in the hair. Melanin absorbs the hair and hair shaft eventually falls out. You’ll need multiple sessions to permanently remove hair from the body. But remember that some fine hairs may not be removed or if removed may keep growing even after laser hair removal. So, to hide this type of hair you need to undergo hair bleaching.

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