How Many Mg of Glutathione Should Take for Skin Whitening

Consider Glutathione Injections and get the type and color of skin you want. Glutathione is a molecular-weight thiol-tripeptide that is a very powerful whitening agent. It reduces melanin concentration under the skin and results in an instant glow. It can treat acne, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions as well.

How many Mg’s of Glutathione Injections Are Required?

Before getting the treatment you need to consult a doctor to decide whether the treatment is right for you or not because there is a special candidacy criterion that you need to fulfill. The patient is required to take an optimal dosage to enjoy its mind-blowing benefits. An optimal dosage for most people ranges from 500mg to 1500mg per day.

Our body requires glutathione in a proper amount to stay young and healthy. The treatment is very popular among women because it provides many health and cosmetic benefits to them.

Where do you Inject Glutathione?

It is injected directly into the muscle where it gets absorbed by it. The doctor may ask you to take additional supplements post-injection to get the best possible results of the treatment. The treatment can be long-term and unaffordable for some people.

Best Possible Results:

If you are taking the correct dosage there is about a 50% chance that you will get the best results. However, by quitting alcohol consumption and smoking you can increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Glutathione Peels in Dubai the skin and reveals flawless, fairer, and smoother skin. It eliminates skin imperfections and improves skin complexion.

Cosmetic Benefits:

Some notable cosmetic benefits of Glutathione injections include,

  • Removes toxins and free radicals from the blood.
  • Suitable and safe for all skin types.
  • Decreases dark patches, acne, and spots.
  • Improves the immune system.

How long will It Take to See Results?

Some results appear after about 3 weeks of the treatment while fuller results take time. How quickly fuller results appear depends on how regularly the patient comes for the sessions, his/her general health, and metabolism. The effectiveness of glutathione injection and IV administration is almost the same. We recommend you get glutathione injections 1 to 3 times a week.

Are there any Side Effects?

The treatment has no long-term and major side effects however mild bruising, swelling, and redness can appear on the injection site for some days. The recovery period is quick and there are no strict post-treatment instructions for the patient to follow.

Should I Stop after Achieving the Desired Complexion?

No, I’d recommend you continue the treatment to keep the skin nourished and fairer. It improves the immune system and, therefore, helps the body to fight against various diseases. The results of cosmetic treatment last as long as you maintain them.

Cost of Glutathione Injections:

The total cost depends upon the quantity of glutathione for Skin Whitening, the number of sessions, the maintenance dose, and expertise of the skin care specialist, and the geographical location of the clinic. In most cases, 5-6 sessions are required to see fuller results. The treatment results in skin that remains healthy, fair, and bright for a longer period.

Are Glutathione Injections Safe?

This treatment is safer than other cosmetic procedures because treatments like chemical peels, skin bleaching, and laser skin resurfacing are harsh and toxic.

What makes You a Bad Candidate for Whitening Injections?

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or allergic to any vitamin then probably you will not get the type of results you want. It is better to consult a dermatologist, he will help you choose the best treatment.

Life after Glutathione Injections:

The treatment results in healthy, glowing, fairer, and firmer skin. It will improve your social life and self-confidence. You will notice a significant change in the tone of the skin after some weeks of the treatment. Maintenance sessions are recommended to maintain the effects.


The patient is recommended to get glutathione injections in a sufficient amount to get the type of results he/she wants.