How Many Grafts are Needed for a Full Head

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A hair transplant is used to restore hair growth. It is a minimally invasive procedure, meaning there is no general anesthesia needed when performed. It transfers healthy follicles, usually from the back and sides of the head to the area where there is no hair. The transplanted hair follicles grow like normal hair and within six to four months, you have that thicker, and fuller hair you have always been dreaming of.

But is a hair transplant permanent? Am I a good candidate? How many grafts are needed for a full head? Exploring such questions may help you get the best possible results. Keep reading.

Is a Hair Transplant Permanent?

Yes. It’s because you cannot undo the results.

Although the transplanted follicles fall out between three to four weeks after the surgery, the new hair will grow back in a few months. So that you know, it takes about seven to months to get a full head.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Hair transplant in Dubai is most effective on men whose hair shedding has exceeded class 3 on the Norwood scale. However, to get incredibly lasting results, you should have three things including:

  1. Healthy follicles on donor site
  2. Good general health
  3. Ability to grow new follicles

Women who are pregnant, or planning to become pregnant are advised to talk to a hair specialist before getting a hair transplant.  

What Is a Hair Graft?

A hair graft is simply a strip of skin that contains one to three hair follicles. In hair transplant, grafts are removed from the donor area and relocated to the balding site. So that you know, the donor area can be the body or the scalp, it depends.

Anyhow, how these grafts are collected for hair transplants varies for each patient. There are two primary types of hair restoration; FUE and FUT. In FUT, first, a linear strip of skin is eradicated from the occipital scalp and then the grafts are harvested. However, in FUE, the grafts are abolished from the scalp individually.

How Many Grafts Do I Need?

Generally speaking, up to 3,000 grafts are used in one regular hair restoration. However, if you are completely bald, surgeons recommend that you must have an immense number of grafts, say 5,000+ grafts to cover the entire scalp. Although, the exact number of grafts varies from person to person depending on different factors including the aesthetic requirements, hair density, scalp type, and hair strand characteristics. You should talk to your hair transplant surgeon to explore more about this.

Our Graft Calculator:

You can also use our graft calculator to find out how many grafts are needed for a full head. It is an easy and inaugurated calculator that generates an approximate figure depending on the type and level of your baldness.

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