How Long is Recovery After Vaser Liposuction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Dynamic Clinic

Are you tired of exercising because it’s not giving you the figure you desire? Do you still have excess fat despite taking a healthy diet? Are you looking for a less invasive procedure to improve your body contours painlessly? Vaser Liposuction is certainly the answer to all your problems. It uses sound energy to break apart fat deposits. Sometimes, it is also known as ultrasonic liposuction. It is less invasive and more safe and gentle than traditional liposuction therefore it is typically preferred by most patients and doctors. It can provide you with the results that you can’t receive with exercise and diet alone.

Neck, face, abdomen, arms, and thighs are among are the top 5 areas of the body to treat with this type of liposuction. It effectively reduces fat in these areas, producing better contours permanently. However, if you want to correct cellulite or stretch marks in any of these areas, it still the treatment you can try. However, the use of liposuction for cosmetic purposes other than stubborn fat is considered off-label use.


Knowing about how long is the recovery after Vaser Liposuction in Dubai can help you enjoy optimal results with the least downtime. So, read on.

When it comes to the downtime of Vaser liposuction, it is pretty simple and quick. Patients spend very little time in the recovery unit once the process is finished. Further, there is no need to stay overnight after having surgery.

The Recovery Timeline is Different for Every Patient:

If you are considering undergoing Vaser lipo or have one planned, it’s important to consider what the healing and recovery will look like for you. Please note that while the downtime is minimal, it doesn’t mean you are allowed to get back to routine activities right after you are back home. You’ll most likely be allowed to return to normal life after a week or two or maybe months. The specialist will figure out the time frame once the operation is over. Anyhow, the healing time is highly affected by the patient’s age, weight, and general health. Further, it will depend on the complexity of the surgery you undergo.

Most Common Side-Effects:

Every surgical procedure involves a few risks and likewise, Vaser Liposuction is not different. Being aware of potential side-effects can help patients decide wisely to opt for the surgery or not.

In general, side-effects of ultrasonic lipo can include:

  1. Skin burning
  2. Drooping and wavy skin
  3. Skin discoloration
  4. Infection
  5. Fluid accumulation
  6. Fat embolism
  7. Numbness
  8. Blood loss
  9. Swelling
  10. Bruising

Now that we know the adverse effects, let’s understand the ways that can help us avoid them.

Avoid Driving:

Generally, doctors don’t recommend patients driving or perform any physical activity that requires force in the first 48 hours following surgery. This means you will be driven home by a friend or relative during the early recovery period at least.

Wear Compression Outfits:

It’s important to use loose clothes for at least a week. This reduces post-surgery swelling & bruising, plus, lessens the risk of fluid buildup and fat embolism.

Be Patient:

Although recovery is not as long as traditional liposuction, it surely can affect your life. Here, patience is really important. It will probably take 3 months to see the notable results and 3 months is obviously not a short period.

Watch for Major Complications:

Though it’s okay to experience mild side-effects after Vaser Liposuction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you should contact the surgeon instantly when any potential complications arise. Otherwise, it will get worse over time and may become life-threatening.

The Takeaway:

Ultrasonic lipo is a cosmetic procedure aimed to target excess fat in specific areas of the body. And now you know how long is recovery after Vaser Liposuction in Abu Dhabi, you are in a stable state to decide to go ahead with the treatment or not.

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