How Long Does Brazilian Bum Lift Last in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Dynamic Clinic

No exercise can enhance the size and shape of your buttocks. So how to achieve sexier bums? In fact, this is very simple. Almost every one of us has undesirable fat stored in different body parts, usually on the abdomen or upper thighs. Though, why not use this fat for reshaping butts?

Brazilian bum lift in Dubai does the same. It embraces the collection of excess fat through the liposuction technique to inject it into your buttocks. This would greatly help in enhancing butts shape. Hence, here’s a question: How Long Does Brazilian Bum Lift Last in Dubai? Read ahead to find details in this regard.

You Should Know:

Wondering how long results would take to appear? – Though, initial fullness is seen immediately but don’t consider this absolute. Final results can take at least a few months to appear. Maximally, six months are enough to notice ideal results.


Brazilian Bum lift results are semi-permanent. They potentially last for decades without any additional procedures. Remember, this is only possible when BBL is done correctly and healed correctly.

So the query, How long does Brazilian Bum lift last in Dubai? Due to the usage of the body’s fat, BBL outcomes are meant for many years or perhaps decades dependent upon how well you care for your bums while recovery. Plus, it’s impossible to have a truly permanent outcome without proper care.

Our high-quality bum lift ensures a long-lasting outcome. Still, some tips greatly help towards lifelong results. So, learn how to prolong your BBL results.

Important Tips:

As always, we ensure you get the BBL results for as long as possible.- To maximize the duration of Brazilian bum lift results, consider the following tips as well, along with unique instructions.

  • Wear compression garments.
  • Stick to light activity or walking for the initial weeks.
  • Maintain a constant weight.
  • Watch your diet every time. Eat healthily.

Is This Lift for Me?

BBL is found most suitable to improve the buttocks figure. If you are no longer satisfied with the natural shape of your butts or you feel hideous in your flat buttocks, consider this surgery. It’s not as risky as the myths revolving around.

Besides, consulting with a cosmetic surgeon is always a good idea before deciding anything. This session would let our doctors evaluate you as a candidate for surgery and clearly explain what this procedure can and can’t do for you.

In Conclusion:

While this surgery is proven to achieve natural fullness in the buttocks, the fullness may decrease over time. The initial volume in butts is absorbed by the body. But you can expect to enjoy the perks of sexier bums for years. Though, this really depends upon aftercare and healthy standards of living. If you stick with every guideline from the doctor then there is a chance to have lifetime perks.

I hope you find this blog beneficial in finding the answer to How Long Does Brazilian Bum Lift Last in Dubai? Still, for further queries and doubts, speak directly to our consultants.