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Do you know that dentistry is a lot more than pain relief and oral cavity diseases? It is now diverse and has a wide range of aesthetic procedures also that deal with the replacement of missing teeth along with improving the overall aesthetic. 

Back in the old days teeth replacement was done by partial dentures that were removable and replaced. To avoid the hassle there are now more improved methods such as bridges and Dental Crowns in Dubai that are fixed and do not require removal and replacement again and again. 

This guide addresses crowns and bridges in detail including their benefits and procedure. 

What is a Crown? 

Dental crowns are prostheses that are composed of porcelain fused to metal. They are placed to replace a single missing tooth. They are also capped over a prepared tooth In order to preserve it from further damage. 

What are Bridges? 

Bridges are connectors that consist of crowns connectors and politics. A crown individually cannot settle onto a missing tooth and so bridges facilitate their adjustment and fixation. 

Indications of Crown and Bridges:

To Correct a Broken Tooth:

If you have ever experienced trauma to any tooth that has led the crown to chip off this is very common in the history of fall often leading to cracks and broken edges in the frontal teeth. 

The placement of crowns after preparing the tooth generally secures the tooth and preserves it from further damage.  

Moreover, it also improves the functional integrity of the tooth and hides broken surfaces. 

After the Completion of RCT:

One of the major procedural steps people often neglect after a root canal treatment is the placement of the crown over the Root Canal treated tooth. crown placement is very important since it prevents secondary cavitation and bacterial invasion. 

Secondly, it also helps the tooth to restore back its strength. 

For Replacement of Missing Tooth:

Over the years crowns and bridges are the most convenient and least expensive method for Fixed tooth replacement.

There is no doubt that implants are the best method for tooth replacement if you want a fixed treatment, nonetheless, not everyone is able to afford them and so Crown and Bridge in Dubai are the next best treatment. 

For Full Mouth Rehabilitation:

A full mouth rehabilitation is done especially in patients who have multiple problems in their teeth including chipped-off teeth, undersized, discolored, generalized spaces, etc. Crowns and bridges collectively are used for full mouth rehabilitation. 

To Correct Wear Off by Attrition:

A lot of the patients have the habit of night grinding their teeth. Teeth grinding causes decreased height of the teeth and wear off surfaces. In such cases, crowns and bridges play a vital role in the correction of attrition. 

How is the Procedure of Crown and Bridges Performed? 

  • The first and foremost Bring dentist will do is it analyze the oral cavity closely
  • A full mouth X-ray is taken to check the bone height and the proper placement of crowns and bridges.
  • Regarding the missing tooth that is to be replaced please I’ve checked if the socket is completely healed or not post extraction. The neighboring teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are prepared using cutting techniques. 
  •  An initial impression is taken at the target area to record the structures and the fabrication of the crown and bridge is in the lab.
  • Once the model is ready a lab technician will prepare the crown and bridges.
  •  The crown and bridge are then placed into the patient’s mouth.
  •  the patient is asked to make movements and the functional balance is then checked including the occlusion.   

After Care Instructions following Crown and Bridges:

  •  In the first few days after the placement of the crown and bridge it is advised to avoid harsh chewing or eating hard food.
  •  Take regular scaling sessions every five to six months to prevent bacteria and plaque from accumulating.
  •  In case of dislodgement of the crown and bridge report to your dentist immediately.
  •  If you experience any severe pain, never neglect it and visit the dentist immediately it could be a sign of infection.

Cost of Crown and Bridges in Dubai:

The cost of crowns and Dental Bridges in Dubai varies and is based on the unit of the bridge. A single unit of bridge starts from 800 AED followed by depending upon the number of missing teeth. 

 The Final Verdict!

You should keep the fact in mind that crowns and bridges are not solely for improving your aesthetics but also for making your life easier by helping you in eating food properly. 

Never miss your dental appointments because health starts from your mouth itself. Book your free consultation with the dentist in the Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic right now and schedule your appointment for Dental Bridges in Dubai & Abu Dhabi along with the crowns.