travelling after hair transplant

General Overview:

There are a lot of treatments that limit or restrict traveling after they are done. Some would require you to stay back for one week whereas for some treatments the ideal waiting time to travel generally ranges from weeks to months. Similarly, a lot of people often come across the question as to how long are they required to wait in order to travel after getting a hair transplant treatment. A hair transplant in Dubai is a minimally less invasive treatment and does not bind any person from any activity or restrict them from traveling. 

As told a hair transplant surgery does not distract a person but only certain guidelines are needed to follow that are:

Avoid Covering your Hair:

Sincere is fragile at this stage and a lot of tiny fragments of follicles are placed into it it is advisable not to cover your hair when traveling or while moving full stop it is important that the air should vent into the scalp.

The more you cover your hair the more the chances of sebum production and sweat glands become stimulated. This as a result increases the moisture in the scalp and brings about alterations in the treatment.

Do Not Try to Scratch Scalp:

PRP hair treatment and FUE treatment both are quite complex. In the case of FUE, the follicles that are placed into the scalp are quite sensitive and vulnerable to deterioration. If you scratch your head you will be more likely to disturb the function of the follicles. It is better that you keep yourself from scratching your hair. It is very common that you will have the feeling of touching your scalp again and again. This is human psychology because a bald scalp you once had is now feeling heavier than before. 

Take your Painkillers Timely:

If you are planning to travel and you have recently had a hair transplant treatment then it is very important to keep the pain Killers and take them on time. This is because when you reach high altitude the difference of the air pressure can cause severe headaches. 

Take Enough Sleep:

Hair transplant treatments are lengthy and especially in the case of FUT and PRP, the treatments are quite time-consuming. You should take enough sleep before you catch your flight because the hair transplant treatment is quite lengthy and you.  An ideal time for a hair transplant to the next flight should be at least a day. 

How to Look After Yourself After Getting a Hair Transplant? 

When you have recently got a hair transplant the following things are very important to keep in mind:

  • Wear light clothing with a broad neck and collar so that they do not stick or hinder while passing through your scalp.
  • Use mild conditioners and hair care products.
  • Try to protect your scalp from excessive exposure to the Sun.
  • Keep wiping off the sweat that drains out from your scalp.

The Final Verdict!

As told earlier that hair transplant treatments do not restrict a person from traveling and you can immediately fly off the same day you had the hair transplant in Dubai but on the safer side to avoid the hustle and tiredness after a hair transplant treatment which will probably progress and worsen if you have to fly onboard then it is advisable to book your flight at least 2 to 3 days after your hair transplant treatment so that you can have sufficient to rest.