How Do You Treat Skin Lesions

Everyone in this world wants clear, and smooth skin but is this possible? Probably not. Several environmental pollutants and lifestyle changes give rise to skin flaws. And skin lesions are one of them.

What are Skin Lesions?

Lesions are small growths (such as moles, warts, and spots) on the skin’s surface. They are usually harmless but adversely alter the physical appearance of the skin. And in some people, it can be a sign of skin cancer so it is better to have them treated when you first see it. You can either opt for surgery or any non-invasive treatment to remove abnormal growths from the skin surface. People typically undergo skin lesion removal in Dubai for cosmetic reasons. If you are considering the surgical procedure for your lesion, then you can expect permanent upshots. So, we can say that the lesions will not come back once the roots are targeted surgically.


Consult the GP near you to find out about the treatment options. Here are four common lesion removal Treatments in Dubai. The appropriate option will be chosen based on the location, size, and number of skin growths.

1.      Excision biopsy:

In this type of skin lesion removal, the surgeon simply cuts out the abnormal growth. The results are amazing and last for many years.

2.      Cryotherapy:

A procedure that involves utilizing cold temperatures to destroy unwanted skin tissues. You should avoid taking long baths for at least two days after this treatment.

3.      Scissor excision:

Skin lesions can be cut out with small round scissors. It is minimally invasive so no long recovery periods are linked to it.

4.      Laser treatment:

Looking for a non-invasive skin lesion removal treatment? Opt for laser treatment. In this treatment, a narrow beam of laser light is applied to the skin to destroy the cells of skin growth.


Your doctor will give you some instructions to help you take care of your wounds. Skin Lesion general post-operative instructions include:

  1. Smoking can slow the healing process so you have to quit it.
  2. You have to see a doctor to have your bandages replaced.
  3. To combat post-surgery complications including swelling, brushing, etc. you utilize over-the-counter drugs.
  4. For at least 10 days after the surgery, you should hide the wounds with petroleum jelly.
  5. If the wound bleeds, see the healthcare provider immediately.
  6. Do not take any anti-inflammatory medication for at least 14 to 21 days after the procedure.

Interesting Facts About Skin Lesion Removal:

It is very important to have realistic expectations for Skin Lesion Removal. No matter how qualified the practitioner is, you can expect scars and wounds. Patients usually seek multiple sessions to get the desired outcomes. Results will appear after completing the treatment course. Generally, the doctor decides how many sessions you will need to get optimal results.

The recovery period varies from patient to patient based on the type of technique used. Some recover within a week while others take months. If you’ve had a biopsy for lesion removal, your wounds will heal in three to four weeks. You can utilize topical creams on the treated site to diminish inflammation quickly. Also, utilizing ibuprofen and paracetamol for alleviating pain is allowed. But do not stretch the affected areas especially if you have had stitches.

The area where the treatment was done will be swollen and bruised for about a week. Prevent the wounds from getting infections, keep them moist, and covered for at least two days after the treatment.

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