Facial Skin Lesions Removal Treatments in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Skin lesions on the face are abnormally raised bumps that do not feel good neither aesthetically nor systematically. Some lesions are a sign that the body is fighting with some kind of systemic disease. Most of the time people are more concerned with aesthetics of skin lesions rather than acknowledging whether it is linked to any underlying medical condition or not. Skin lesion removal Dubai is the second most running treatment after botox and fillers. 

What Are Skin Lesions?

Skin lesions are a type of abnormally raised bumps on the skin that can occur anywhere either on your face  arms, body or chest. In some cases they are pre cancerous but they can progress to malignancy if they are left untreated. 

What Do Skin Lesions Look Like?

They appear as: 

  •  raised bumps 
  •  dark red in colour 
  • normal flesh coloured 
  • tender to touch  
  • rough and hard 
  •  scaly
  •  patchy presentation 
  •  May appear as blackish spot 
  • Have crusted appearance 

What Are The Types Of Skin Lesions?

For the types of skin a single article would not be enough. However some of the most commonly occurring skin lesions we encounter in our clinic are: 


moles are basically tiny black coloured abnormal growth on your skin that are mostly discovered during the early years of life. 


Fibromas are brownish purple raised bumps that commonly occur after an infliction by an insect bite or after a traumatic injury. 

Actinic Keratosis

This is one of the most common skin lesions that can turn into skin cancer when progressed. It appears as rough and dry patches on the skin. Its main etiological factor is prolonged exposure in the sun. Actinic Keratosis can be treated by skin lesion removal Dubai. 


These are small, rapidly growing skin lesions. They have a very hard and scaly core that is normally seen in the areas where the skin is exposed to the UV rays. The most common area is the face. 

Sebaceous cyst

If you have ever noticed small circular lumps that occur most commonly after infection and is slowly and gradually increasing then know that it is a form of sebaceous cyst. 


Warts are small raised, solid lumps that often occur as a result of human papillomavirus. They form as a result of infection and it is important to refrain from sharing personal belongings so that the spread is less. 

How Is The Removal Of Facial Skin Lesions In Dubai Done

Following are some of the treatment options for facial lesions:

Excision Through Scalpel

A complete excision is the standard method or conventional method for the removal of any skin lesions. Initially a local anaesthesia is administered to block the pain channels. Then a surgical scalpel is taken to completely excise the lesion including the edges. 


A heat generating device that consists of a coil is placed right over the skin lesion to completely remove it off.  The administration of local anesthesia becomes valid because of the heat. 


Cryotherapy is also known as freezing. It is done using liquid nitrogen. It is very useful for the treatment of actinic keratosis acanthomas and warts.

Creams, Gels and Ointments

In cases of minor skin lesions the doctor may prescribe you with some topical agents. However their results are not as compatible as the other treatment options.  

Laser Removal

Laser it’s considered as the best skin lesions removal technique in Dubai because it is minimally least invasive and and does not require the need of local anesthesia before performing the treatment. The results are instant and they do not cause the relapse of the treatment. 

What Is The Cost Of Skin Lesions Removal? 

The cost of skin lesions removal roughly strarts from  AED 1000 to AED 2000.But we suggest that if you want to know the skin lesions removal cost in Dubai then it is better to seek an appointment with the physician first. The price may vary depending on the number  and size of lesions a person may have.

The Bottom Line

It is very important to report skin lesions as soon as they are noticed. Once you have noticed them it is important to note the changes in the size and mass. They can turn into cancerous lesions but If you get the skin lesions remove in Dubai on time then you can restrict its threat.