How do Hormones Affect Sexual Pain

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Feeling pain during sexual intercourse is common, and most women feel pain and a little discomfort during penetration which is obvious. The pain is tolerable as it brings pleasure we all need. It is entirely okay if pain occurs rarely, but if it happens more often, it is not common, and there’s something that it indicates. Most women do not care about it, and the painful sex goes on until they get no pleasure at all, no satisfied partner, and there is no sexual excitement because of the negligence. Problems occur to get solved, not to bear them and live with them painfully. It is highly recommended to get your problem solved with the best Sexologist in Dubai to have a pleasurable sex life.

Reasons for Painful Sex

There can be several reasons women experience painful sex, and there is a significant part of hormones in painful intercourse. Let’s figure out how?

Fluctuating Hormones Level

Estrogen is a governing and superior sex hormone in women and is found in men and women. Generally, they are produced in the female ovaries. As the female ovary’s activity speeds up, pauses or slows down, these changes in the ovarian activity, especially their dropping levels, start showing up as painful sex and more. These dropping levels of ovarian hormonal activity begin when the woman enters menopause or before and after menopause. 

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness can be extremely painful and a common symptom of painful sex. At some point in life, every woman experiences an extremely dry vagina. This dryness in the vagina happens when changes occur in the vaginal tissue, including when the vaginal linings and the vulva starts thinning. Dryness also occurs when a naturally less lubricated liquid is produced in the vagina, making it too hard to get an easy and pleasurable penetration. The results are increased friction, irritation and painful sex. 

Below are the causes why vaginal dryness occurs:

Childbirth & Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mothers and the women after childbirth feel their vagina dry too.

After childbirth, women feel their vagina dry as their hormone levels are in the slow recovery process. When the women are breastfeeding, they’ll continue to feel the dryness as long as they are lactating. Another reason for the friction while penetrating is the cancer therapy of ovaries and breasts, affecting estrogen levels. 

Menopause and Low Estrogen Levels 

Vaginal dryness is commonly associated with menopause, in which the low estrogen levels make the vagina dry. Menopause is the period which starts when the woman does not get the periods for continuous 12 months. It means that their menopause has started where they will have no periods rest of their lives. The estrogen levels get low, causing pain due to vaginal dryness. 

Hormonal Replacement Therapy For Vaginal Dryness

Thanks to the medical revolutions a million times, we don’t have to live with vaginal dryness spending the rest of our lives with unpleasant and painful sex. Besides vaginal rejuvenation in Dubai, there are many different therapies for making corrections inside the vagina. The lower hormone level can be increased by adding more in a medicated form in the vagina. This technique is called hormonal replacement therapy, in which estrogens are directly inserted into the vagina.

How Much Hormone Therapy Cost?

The hormonal therapy cost is not fixed and can never be the same as each patient has different problems to cure. Still, the patient can expect to get charged around 199 AED to 999 AED

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