Hiko Nose Thread Lift Dubai

Isn’t it great that today we can improve the appearance of any part of our body? Whether it’s about ugly hands, feet, noses, skin, or even breasts, a reliable solution is available. All in all, thanks to the cosmetic industry!

Anyhow, in a time of Non-Surgical treatments being popular, Hiko Nose Thread Lift Dubai is also gaining popularity all across the world. It is designed to alter and correct the nose shape without surgery. It has no downtime, and risks involved, plus, the results are natural-looking and recovery is fairly fast. Generally speaking, this treatment is being loved by lots of folks looking to modify their nose shapes.

Fast Facts:

  • The goal of this treatment is to give a “high nose”.
  • It involves administering threads in the soft tissues of the nose to make the nasal septum straighter and more firm.
  • It is a quick, painless, and non-surgical approach which means it doesn’t even have long recovery times and major side effects.

Keep reading for more details.

Should I Get it?

If you are looking for a treatment to raise the nose bridge or improve the nose tip, consider the Hiko nose Thread Lift in Dubai. But it should be noted that people with good physical and mental health achieve ideal nose reshaping results. So, before the treatment makes sure that you are a healthy person overall.

Just so you know, this treatment may also be an option for those whose noses are too wide. It can provide a slimmer and straighter nose to them.

Note: For a patient with a too-thin nose, Hiko nose thread lift treatment may be combined with fillers!

How Long Does the Hiko Thread Lift Dubai Results Last?

Regular threads are absorbable and within a year, they are naturally released by the body. So, the results of this treatment are not likely to last forever.

How Much Does a Hiko Nose Thread Lift Cost in Dubai? 

As far as the Hiko Nose Thread Lift Cost in Dubai is concerned it ranges from AED 4,000 to AED 9,000. On average a single lift per thread costs around AED 1,500. The treatment’s complete cost totally depends upon the number of threads that are required in the person’s case. The dynamic clinic offers some of the best thread lift packages around the year for its valued candidates. 

The following are the significant factors on which the complete cost of Hiko nose thread lifts depends upon. 

  • The skills and experience of the aesthetician.
  • The level of sagging of the patient.
  • The number of sessions that are required to treat the wrinkles.

What’s the Process Like?

A remarkable treatment to enhance the nose non-invasively. The procedure takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete and because it is non-invasive, there is no anesthesia required for it.

The practitioner uses FDA-cleared PDO threads during treatment to make the desired changes. The threads are carefully placed under the nasal skin to mold the nose to whatever shape you want.

Just a quick reminder: Before the treatment, it is vital to make sure the practitioner that will do the treatment is highly trained.

Why is Initial Consultation Needed?

Like any other cosmetic treatment, a thorough consultation with the surgeon is needed before this treatment as well. In the consultation session, the doctor will talk about your goals, medical conditions, allergies, and expectations to create a plan tailored specifically to your desires. Besides, he will also help you understand what is going to happen both during the treatment and after it.

Why Choose Us?

There are, however, several different surgical and non-surgical treatments designed to tackle cosmetic issues of the nose so it’s okay if you need somebody to help you make a good decision. And for that, you can also contact Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. We will be happy to assist you!

The Takeaway!

Hiko Nose Thread Lift in Dubai focuses on modifying the nasal tip and bridge. It is a minimally invasive approach and has no side effects involved.

It is worth pointing out that the results are not permanent. In general, they last for up to twelve to fourteen months.

For more information about Hiko Nose Thread Lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, contact us.