Hair Transplant for Young Adults

Hair plays an important role in affecting your overall appearance. Helps you look your best and keep your scalp healthy!

There is this surgery, called hair transplant that can give you the lost hair back. It involves transferring hair follicles from one part of the scalp to another. Typically performed in a medical office under local anesthesia.

What Is The Best Age For A Hair Transplant?

With the baldness epidemic in UAE affecting children as much as adults, parents are looking for hair transplants to help their children regrow their hair.

While some cosmetic surgeons would consider doing hair transplants in children, we recommend waiting until you are a young adult. Hair Transplant for Young Adults in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is a viable, and helpful option. This gives natural-looking yet transformative results. Just so you know, young adults are people ranging in age from eighteen to thirty.

In this blog post, we will explain the characteristics of an ideal hair transplant candidate, and how results and recovery can vary for children and young patients.

Who Is The Best Candidate?

When patients considering hair transplant consult with the doctor, they go through a physical examination and discuss their goals. This is needed to assess their suitability for the procedure.

In general, younger patients are better candidates because they are in better health, and have realistic expectations. It should also be pointed out that being a non-drinker, and a non-smoker is an essential criterion for any individual considering a hair transplant in Dubai.

Does Age Affect Hair Transplant Results?

Hair transplant results will vary depending on a patient’s age. For example, a young adult can expect to see great results from the surgery. He will achieve desirable results that would last a lifetime. However, children and old people won’t typically enjoy the results. They often end up with really bad cosmetic enhancements.


In Dubai, the price for hair transplants for young adults can skyrocket as high as AED 14000 with the starting price costing at around AED 6999. Please keep in mind, the cost of a hair transplant mainly depends on how much improvement and work is required.


Since a hair transplant is a surgical procedure, some complications can be expected. It can cause scars, infections, bruising, and swelling. Other risks that may arise include bleeding, discomfort, and numbness.

To minimize these risks, you should avoid touching your donor and recipient sites. It is also essential to not pick at the scabs (if they occur)

The Takeaway:

For the best chances of getting desired results without complications, 18 to 30 is an ideal age. By this time you are healthy enough both physically and mentally that you know what you actually want.

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