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Can White Or Grey Hair Be Used In Transplants?

It’s a common misconception that black hair turned white and is no longer healthy as it used to be. This concept typically leads to the question of whether a hair transplant can be done for white hair or not.

If you also suffer from baldness with white hair, do not worry anymore. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, we offer a successful hair transplant for white hair in Dubai. Grey hair is transplanted in the same way as hair of any other color. In fact, the white color of hair follicles is considered healthy enough for a successful transplant.

In this blog, you can find details about this unique transplantation. Before getting into details, let’s first take a quick look at the reason behind the presence of white hair.

Why White Hair?

White or grey hair mainly occurs when your hair follicles stop producing melanin. This certainly happens when you cross the forties. Indeed aging is found the primary reason behind white hair. But not all the time. Premature greying is very common nowadays.

Despite age concerns, genetic factors, lack of a healthy diet, stress as well as smoking or chemicals can also lead to greying of hair. These kinds of problems can further result in hair loss or baldness. This way hair transplant remains the only solution. Indeed it’s simply possible for white hair. Let’s proceed to find out how.

What Is a Grey Or White Hair transplant?

Hair transplant surgery has been popular for decades and becoming even more perfect with every passing day. It is the choice of people of all ages. Even if the ones who are having white or grey hair. Of course, hair shedding and premature greying are normal. New transplantation techniques have made it so much easier for us to say goodbye to white hair baldness and excess hair loss permanently.

The procedure of hair transplant for white hair in Dubai is not much different from other hair transplants. It just adds some preferences and considerations as well. First, the white hair from the donor area is carefully extracted through a possible technique (either FUE or FUT). After this, prepared hair follicles are implanted carefully on the bald region exactly as per the patient’s desires.

When White Hair Transplant Can Go Wrong?

In a white hair transplant, extraction and implantation may be quite tough because when the hair root is white, it can be confused with dead tissue. This concern makes this transplant difficult as well as time taking. The medical team’s expertise plays the dominant role in this transplantation. Remember to get this procedure from an expert surgeon.

With us, you can be absolutely sure of your hair looks. Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic surgeons are greatly experienced in white hair transplants. They ensure the balanced placement of hair follicles on active tissues to provide eye-catching results for hair transplants.

Prefer Dubai For Grey Transplantation:

Dubai is the most developed city in the country. It has the best hair transplant centers to treat every sort of hair loss problem. The best thing about this place is that it offers reasonable prices for hair transplants compared with other places. In the present scenario, the demand for grey hair transplants is increasing in Dubai due to the dual benefit of cost and guaranteed results.

In this city, transplant clinics have strictly maintained their standards high along with proper hygienic and safety measures to carry out secured grey hair transplants.

In Conclusion:

Hair shedding at growing age is common. It might be due to poor diet, genetic factors, pollution, or sometimes even stress. This is the reason why white hair people are more prone to hair loss. If you are also one of those folks that don’t lose hope. Get a hair transplant for white hair in Dubai and enjoy a lifetime of comfort. Regardless of stressful home remedies, it’s a one-time investment.

Contact our experts for the best advice per your hair-loss condition. Book your appointment through a consultation form or simply visit us.