Hair Transplant for Thinning Edges Dubai

Thinning Edges?

Form of hair loss, caused primarily due to pulling force applied when wearing tight braids and high ponytails. This hits women at a young age while men are affected by it in their fifties. Though, this hair damage can be irreversible through the right hair products and styling habits. Simply by taking proper care, you can get things back on track. But not all the time. Rarely, a few people have perceived benefit from such tips even when thinning is in their most initial period. So what is the solution then? Most expectedly, Hair Transplant for Thinning Edges Dubai! Whether your edges are about to start or pretty far gone, you can re-grow them back with the transplant. This is the right practice to reinforce every hair loss concern.

Remember not to consider hair transplant only in complete baldness. Till now, no solid evidence showed Hair Transplant doesn’t work for thinning. Fortunately, it works more successfully in mild hair loss problems. So if you are noticing a slight formation of thinning edges then don’t wait for turning it into baldness. Get the transplantation at right time. But first, prefer reading this blog post. I assure you this could greatly help you in making a decision and further details of the transplant as well.

How does Hair Transplant Treat Thinning Edges?

The hair transplant procedure for thinning edges is pretty similar to the standard one. It involves the extraction of hair follicles from the donor part, which are then transferred on thinning edges. This placement activates the new tissue growth and resumes the usual hair progress.

Though, our surgeons propose deep attention to front styling looks. They implant the hair follicles by considering the proper direction as per the proportions of the face. They also ask for your aesthetic needs if any. This way transplant is performed accordingly.

How Can You Stopover Edges From Thinning?

Getting a Hair Transplant in Dubai for Thinning Edges doesn’t mean you stop caring for hair.

The first step to discontinuing hair loss is to get to the root of the problem. You need to understand what’s causing hair damage. Pinpoint the styling changes, switch products, and move on to herbal ones. Plus, consider the following tips as well

  • Escape tight styles.
  • Don’t stress.
  • Use chemical-free products.
  • Try to take medicated hair supplements.
  • Follow every single piece of advice from your doctor.

How Long Does it Take to Regrow Edges?

Don’t expect instant results from a transplant. Natural growth is a time-taking process. Normally it takes three months but the first two months are enough to find if the transplant is successful or not. Most likely, you are expected to notice black dots on the scalp at the end of the first month.

In Conclusion:

We know dealing with thinning edges is embarrassing. Especially in women who put so much value on their beauty, hair loss can be so much frustrating. If you also lost your hair growth on the edges of the scalp, a hair transplant might be the best solution for you. For women, we specifically propose a Female Hair Transplant. Please speak directly to our hair-care experts to find out if a transplant really suits well to your aesthetic concerns.

For further queries and issues regarding Hair Transplants for Thinning Edges Dubai, fill out our consultation or contact us directly.