Hair Transplant for forehead reduction in Dubai

Look Young with a Perfect Hairline:

A high forehead or a receding hairline can be frustrating. It doesn’t meet the standards of perfection and seems awkward. Eventually, this makes the facial features unbalanced and even out of proportion. Men and women, both tolerate this difficulty due to genetic disorders or maybe any injury. Though, whatever the reason behind the enlarged forehead, one must need to correct it.

To lower the forehead, a hair transplant is mostly advised. It not only works on the bald scalp but also for forehead lowering. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, we specifically perform   Hair Transplant for Forehead Reduction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi to lower the height of the hairline through your hair and make you look younger and even more attractive.

Best Candidates:

A Hair transplant is usually best suited to those who suffer from the persistent problem of hair loss due to stress, trauma, or genetics but not due to a medical disorder.

Both men and women both can have this transplant to hide their big foreheads to avoid embarrassment. But men are often found good candidates for this compared to women. Their receding forehead appears prominent and becomes mandatory to treat compared with women who hide it through different hairstyles and makeup techniques as well.

Generally, there is no long list of terms and conditions to become applicable for Forehead reduction Hair transplant. One must need to be willing to some realistic expectations as well. Nowadays hair transplant is the most preferred option for every individual in lowering the forehead due to its quick working and faster healing.

Hair Transplant Procedure for Receding Hairline:

The hair transplant procedure for forehead reduction doesn’t differ much from the standard one. It simply works on the same phenomena.

During transplantation, doctors move hair follicles from the healthy part of the head and place them on the front hairline where the hair is less. Hair extraction is usually done through either FUE or FUT. Depending upon your unique preferences and health condition the best one is chosen accordingly.

Remember that, front-line hair transplants are quite tough to perform due to the sensitive adjustment of front hair. But with us, you can be absolutely sure of your look. Our hair transplant surgeons pay special attention to the curvature, direction, as well as even distribution of hair follicles. This way you can enjoy a fabulous, successful transplant with a well-proportioned forehead compatible with the rest of the face.

How long it Takes to Grow Hair on the Forehead?

Generally speaking, the results of Hair Transplants for Forehead Reduction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, claim a minimum of two months. You can notice a black dot of newly transplanted hair within the first two weeks of the transplant. The hair tends to grow faster and appear natural with every passing day. Most likely, after two months you can expect to notice an inch of hair on your bald forehead.

To speed up the growth of forehead hair, follow all directions from your doctor. It might be best to get some home remedies like aloe Vera, as well as a yogurt mask to improve regular hair growth. Though, having some prior discussions with a doctor can be quite beneficial in this regard as well.

What Else Option is Available than a Transplant?

Despite the hair transplant, forehead reduction surgery is also practiced. The choice of undergoing suitable treatment depends upon your needs as well as doctors’ advice.

A person with a naturally big temple means is probably fit for forehead-lessening surgery which is quite dangerous and doesn’t heal quickly compared with transplantation. Besides in the other case, when a high forehead is because of hair loss then a hair transplant is suggested mostly. However, it’s better to consult with our specialists to find out what suits you best.

Is a Hair Transplant a Permanent Solution for an Outsized Forehead?

Yes. A Hair transplant in Dubai is an everlasting way out from a big forehead. You don’t need to concern about hiding your forehead through different hairstyles. The hairline will be lowered and let you enjoy the most amazing features and youthful looks as well.

In Conclusion:

The decision to get a Hair Transplant for Forehead Reduction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi depends upon you and your aesthetic needs as well. If you think your forehead makes you look older than your actual age then conceal it permanently through a hair transplant. It’s a quick cosmetic way to bring back the lost fullness in the front hairline.

Kindly contact our team to find more details in this regard.