Hair Transplant for Diabetic Patients Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Can Diabetic Patients Get a Transplant?

If you have diabetes along with hair loss problems, here is good news for you!

Hair transplants for Diabetic Patients in Dubai are now possible. Just the recovery phase needs to be careful. Further, the type of diabetes must be examined early for the best possible results.  Surgeons of Dynamic carry out pre-planned Hair Transplant. They take penetrative measures before, during, and after surgery. Plus, sugar level is also monitored on daily basis to ensure a smooth, risk-less, and effective hair transplant. Read ahead to understand what happens if you’re diabetic and get a hair transplant.

Effect of Diabetes on Hair Loss:

Diabetes interrupts natural hair growth. It causes hair loss more than normal and leads to patches, not only on the scalp but in other parts of the body as well. This is the reason why diabetic patients are more prone to severe hair loss. Whereas it’s pretty tough to deal with this hair loss condition in diabetic patients but not impossible yet. A Hair Transplant is a ray of hope in this era. This can flaunt your beauty from bald to beautiful. Proceed to the next title to determine which diabetic stage you are going through.

Determine Diabetic Stage Before Transplant:

Before making any decision regarding Hair Transplants for Diabetic Patients in Dubai, keep yourself informed of two types of diabetes. While Type I is a condition in which patients have a dependency on insulin to control high blood sugar levels. Besides, type II patients can handle their glucose level without insulin. They tackle it through pills and diet.

For every diabetic patient, if the stage is I or II, the situation differs. An assessment should be made earlier to find if a transplant can work in a certain case or not. Patients of stage II can have a transplant but diabetes should be taken under control first. Risk factors must be eliminated to get the procedure done in one go.

Besides when it comes to staging I, patients, there are some rules and restrictions. Though they are in their disease period, transplantation isn’t mostly recommended by our doctors. Their glucose levels are unstable and high in which transplant can react worse if the proper sugar level is not maintained.

Hence, it’s necessary to treat the first stage of diabetes earlier before moving on to transplant.

Effects on Transplantation Procedure:

Diabetic patients need higher standards of treatment. Because anxiety attacks from a Hair Transplant can also lead to higher sugar levels. Though, the procedure for hair transplant for diabetic patients doesn’t much differ from standard one despite the recovery process. Patients are expected to stay longer in recovery due to unstable sugar levels. Another factor to notify is blood coagulation. Therefore, blood-thinning medications must be escaped as they increase the chances of clots. Remember not to stop anything without a doctor’s advice. Because sudden discontinuation may lead to deadly risks.

Considerations :

Although it’s quite risky for diabetic patients to get a transplant when the situation is in control, risks are discarded. Before the transplant, one must need to follow some guidelines. Check out the most important ones.

  • Disclose every problem you encounter in daily life to the doctor.
  • Get all the required tests done before surgery.
  • Eat healthily. Maintain proper nutrition as required.
  • Take all the prescribed medications.
  • Manage stress. Manage diabetes.
  • Exercise regularly.

In Conclusion:

The Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic ensures your safety and care as well. If you are diabetic and bearing severe hair loss or a patchy scalp, speak to us. Seek trusted help from our specialists by booking your appointment. To find out more about Hair transplants for Diabetic Patients in Dubai, get in touch with us.