Hair Transplant for brown hair in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Brown Hair Transplantation?

Today, brown hair has become a fashion trend. People mostly try coloring to get this colored hair. To those who color hair excessively, there is a possibility of severe hair loss because dyeing damages the hair. Besides having naturally colored hair is also normal. And hair fall can hit anyone with natural or artificial pigment. While it’s questionable to tackle their hair loss problem through a hair transplant. Many people think if a brown hair transplant is possible or not. To help clear up such doubts, this blog can surely help.

Here, I have pointed out all the important details regarding Hair Transplant for Brown Hair in Dubai, so you can easily figure out how this transplantation can benefit your falling brown hair.

Does Brown Hair Transplant Differ from Grey Hair Transplantation?

The transplantation surgery carried out for brown hair doesn’t much differ from the surgery done for white or grey hair. Though the procedure is also just similar, just involves the picking of hair follicles from the donor area and placing them back on the bald region. But it needs great attention and artistic expertise of surgeons in transplanting colored hair.

Brown Hair Transplant also carries a risk of the wrong implantation just like grey hair transplants. But here, the chance is quite lesser. Because grey hair is just similar to dead tissue but brown hair seems pretty different which is acceptable. Even though, distinguishing dead roots from extracted follicles must be performed well. This is why a surgeon’s proficiency in transplantation plays a key role.

How well Hair Transplant Matches the Original Brown Hair Color?

Hair transplant results often match the natural hair of color. For example, if you have naturally brown colored hair, the transplanted hair will also grow brown. Additionally, if you have black hair and you colored them brown then don’t expect your new follicles to appear brown. Color your hair again if you wish brown-colored hair after the transplant. Though, it’s better to have some prior important discussion with a hair specialist in this regard.

Considerations :

While consulting the doctor to get Hair Transplant for Brown Hair Dubai, keep in mind the rate of hair loss and the exact scalp coverage you desire. Disclose the natural front-line needs as well as their shapes. This analysis would be a great help to your doctor in terms of satisfying aesthetic demands. Plus, don’t forget to tell the doctor your medical history and the fears associated with a transplant.

Plan the brown hair transplantation carefully. Pay attention to the recommended instructions. Otherwise, there is a chance that you may not get satisfied with the transplant.

Where should I Prefer a Brown Hair Transplant?

Dubai is the leading place for the best hair transplant centers. When finding the appropriate transplant center in this city, to be honest, the first place I would suggest for a transplant is Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. Here, our surgeons focus on even the distribution of hair follicles to deliver natural scalp results. They take time in analyzing the extent of hair loss and then decide the suitable technique to tackle it. For the last ten years, we didn’t let our standards fall short. Every day we announce the latest technology to improve your aesthetic life even more smoothly.

In Conclusion:

The brown hair transplant is not easy to perform. It claims deep attention and years of proficiency in the transplantation field. Depending upon the shade of brown hair and the progression of hair loss, a unique transplantation technique would be recommended by our experts in your case.

Expect a fuller brown head by having our Hair Transplant for Brown Hair in Dubai. For further details about its procedure, and cost, or for our consultation, please call the given numbers or use our online form.