Hair Transplant Dubai UAE Price List

The trend of having full heads of hair is not new. It is a very old request made by individuals. Everyone wants to know how they look. However, we experience hair loss for a variety of reasons. A bad diet, aging, genetics, and hormone imbalances can all cause hair loss. However, you may now restore hair in regions that are receding from dense areas. Hair transplant is a common method of hair growth. because a lot of people decide to get their hairline restored through surgery. and wish to enhance their overall look.

However, if you’re also curious about the cost of hair transplants. They’re constantly terrified of the bill. It may differ, but it is important to comprehend every facet. Which affects the final cost. Here we are providing you with a Hair Transplant Dubai Price List. But for the exact expense, you must consult with the expert.

What is the Cost of the Hair Transplant?

The Price of Hair Transplants in Dubai varies based on several factors. including the type of therapy, the surgeon’s expertise, and the requirement for grafts. Between AED 7,000 to AED 15,000 is the norm. However, bear in mind that every surgery has an associated expense.

Types of Hair Transplants and Prices:

There are several Hair Transplant Options available. But it’s crucial to make a good choice. To decide on the best course of action, applicants must speak with the expert. The most successful hair restoration treatments are as follows:

Intrusive Approach:

The process results in permanent results and requires incisions. The most intrusive hair restoration techniques are as follows: 

  • FUT Hair Transplant:

Another name for it is the “strip method.” During the procedure, a section of the back’s hair-bearing tissue is cut. then move it to the balding region. The use of local anaesthesia is required for this procedure. It takes many hours to finish.

  • FUE Hair Transplant:

In this hair restoration procedure, individual back hair follicles are removed. They will then be moved to the area that is retreating. The use of local anesthesia is required for this procedure. It also requires less intrusion than FUT.

  • DHI Implantation Technique:

Creating channels for the implantation of grafts is a step in the FUE hair transplantation process. A DHI hair transplant involves the use of a specialised tool to implant hair follicles from the donor region into the recipient area. 

Non-invasive Option for Hair Transplant:

The remarkable aspect of transplantation is that it may also be accomplished without the need for surgery. Treatments for hair loss include the following:

  • Scalp Micro Pigmentation:

Tattooing a pigment into the scalp is a hair restoration technique known as scalp micro pigmentation (SMP). The method creates the illusion of a larger head of hair. The intended outcome of this non-invasive approach requires many sessions.

  • PRP Treatment:

It’s a Hair Restoration Technique where a patient has their blood injected. whereby the blood’s plasma is extracted by the specialist. To encourage hair growth, it will be injected back into the scalp. Multiple treatments are required for this procedure. Additionally, it is a less intrusive procedure than hair transplant surgery.

What Dangers Does the Procedure Pose?

Every surgery has some risk and some potential for infection. Hair Transplants in Dubai also have minor risks. The mild infections that resulted from the operation are listed below: 

  • The wound site can become inflamed.
  • Both the donor and recipient sites may sustain scarring.
  • The hairline could not appear natural or the hair might not grow as planned.
  • Following the operation, discomfort and oedema are typical side effects.
  • Following the transplant, numbness in the scalp is possible.
  • Rarely, the body could reject the newly formed hair follicles.
  • Some hair follicles could fall out after going through a “resting” period.

It’s crucial to go over the advantages and possible concerns with a licenced physician. before choosing to get the surgery

Treatment Option

Number Of Sessions


Beard Hair Transplant13,000 AED.
FUT1AED 7000 
Stem Cell therapy110 and 12 AED for each graft
PRP hair loss treatment 1 AED 700–AED 1600
scalp micro pigmentation1AED 8,999.00 
DHI Hair Transplant1AED 6,999 to AED 12,000
Hybrid Hair Transplant15,000 and AED 9,000.
Crown hair transplant1AED 6,999 to AED 15,000
Eyelash Hair Transplant1AED 4000 to AED 7000.
Eyebrow hair transplant1AED 9000
Front line hair fixing1AED 2000 to AED 5000
Female hair transplant1AED 13500
FUE Transplant17,000 AED

What Elements Might Influence the Procedures’ Cost?

The therapy has a variable cost. because a variety of things influence it. Therefore, the following variables may affect the treatment’s cost:

  • The location of the facility affects the cost of a hair transplant. In comparison to rural regions, costs will be greater in metropolitan areas.
  • The cost of various hair transplant treatments varies. as transplanting follicular units is less costly than extracting them.
  • More renowned and experienced Hair Transplant Surgeons charge more than less renowned and experienced surgeons.
  • The cost of the procedure is determined by the number of follicles required.
  • Post-operative care may not be covered by the procedure’s cost.
  • The costs may vary if anesthesia and additional medications are required.
  • The costs are influenced by the procedure’s revision as well.

In the end, striking a balance between price and quality is crucial. that the hair transplant procedure you have is safe and successful.

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