Hair Transplant Cost For Multiple Sessions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Seek the below guide for Hair Transplant costs charged for Multiple sessions

Hair defines the complete personality and baldness is something that cannot be ignored. To diminish its existence Hair Transplant is the only best option anyone can have. If you’re considering this surgery I hope cost would be your first concern. It’s very common to hear of attending multiple sessions of Hair Transplant. But there is plenty of misconception regarding their price details. In this article, we discerned the Hair Transplant Cost for Multiple Sessions in Dubai and further possibilities. Additionally, also the important factors on which cost depends entirely!

Hair Transplant Cost for Several Sessions!

The cost of a Hair Transplant for multiple sessions in Dubai is found to be from AED 7000 to AED 8000 during the first session. However, the cost for a second sitting starts from AED 5000 to AED 7000. Though, the price tends to get low with every passing session.


Any individual who desires to acquire this hair restoration surgery will be charged high rates for the first session. Because during an initial one, there will be a requirement of placing more hair grafts that demand high proficiency and deep attention of the practitioner. While attending the second session, the crown area is treated mostly as it’s the main extent of the scalp that requires more concentration in contrast with the recipient area. Note that, the cost typically gets down as the number of sessions increases.

Factors Affecting The Cost:

During every session, there is involvement in specific techniques and practices that highly participates in calculating the total amount. Here are the most important factors.

Technique Used:

FUT and FUE are the two popular techniques used in Dubai. But FUE is the newest revolution in the Hair Transplant Industry. It’s the great factor that determines the Hair Transplant Cost as it’s the obvious fact that FUE will cost more as compared to the previous one FUT.

The extent of Baldness & Number of Grafts:

Not every person is having a similar extent of baldness. Some men come up with extreme cases that demand extra hair graft placement so the price fluctuates. We cannot come to a specific conclusion without analyzing the scalp condition of patients.

Surgeons’ Expertise:

Proficient and highly qualified surgeons charge more as compared to the one who has recently joined this practice. A lot of people think that Hair Transplants are costly to afford and they end up getting treatment from an inexperienced practitioner by compromising results for some cost, which is the biggest mistake. Surgeons’ expertise matters a lot in delivering the best and most successful results.

Why Dubai?

The surgery rates are greatly dependent upon the location which is why some people prefer traveling to other countries for saving their costs. A huge range of people visits Dubai for getting their surgeries because they can save up to 50 % of their money when associated with western countries. In the UK and USA, you will have to pay in Pounds and USD which is more costly than Dirham. Not only this, Dubai has gained a well-known name for performing outstanding Hair Transplant surgeries. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, you can visit the best surgeons in the world who hold enough knowledge to provide you with the best possible successful results you ever cherished.

Conclusion- Hair Transplant Cost for Multiple Sessions!

Hair Transplant surgery will satisfy your hair needs by attending two or more sessions however sometimes even one would be enough. At Dynamic, reasonable prices can be grasped by attending this surgical practice from highly professional surgeons. The first session would cost only AED 7000 to AED 8000 and the second session price range starts from AED 5000 and so on. To get a precise estimate of Hair Transplant Costs for Multiple Sessions in Dubai, consult us