Hair Transplant Can Cause Cancer in Dubai

Hair loss is a common condition and can be temporary or permanent. It occurs due to hormonal changes, genetic issues, or due to signs of aging. But it is more common in men than in females. Baldness occurs in men and women, and is an extreme and last stage of hair loss.

When To Consult a Doctor:

When hair loss is so severe that huge patches start to occur on the scalp and even half of the scalp is almost free from hair, then one must think to go for a consultation. If there is permanent hair loss, nothing is the best option than a transplant.

Concerns Before Transplant:

When deciding on a hair transplant, there come many basic questions in mind that include what will be the cost? How to find a good surgeon?  How will be the healing process? Will it yield the desired result or not? These are the basic question that may strike the head. However, the concern that has dominion over all other questions is the side effects of transplants. For example is there any possibility of risk, can any unpleasant and adverse reaction could take place, and can it cause any kind of cancer?

Link of Hair Transplant with Cancer:

The concerns of side effects regarding hair transplant when linked with cancer, creates fear among the patient. However, surgeons denied them and called them a myth and rumor. There is no such thing that exists.

The procedure of Transplantation:

Hair Transplant uses follicles from the back area of a person’s scalp and transplants in an upper portion of the scalp where there are minimal follicles presented. So there should be no question that arises about cancer as it includes a transfer of own skin cell. So there comes no solid connection between cancer and hair transplant.

Is A Hair Transplant, A Kind Of Organ Transplant?

Surely Not! According to doctors and scientists, Hair is made up of structural building blocks of protein commonly known as Keratin that protects the body from harmful substances. Therefore, hair isn’t considered an organ of the body.

Furthermore, organ transplant includes the transfer of external parts of a donor body to the receiver body and does not depend on the transfer of organs to the same body. So the transfer of hair takes place within a similar body. Hence body can receive implanted hair without any friction.

Genuine Side Effects Associated With Hair Transplant:

There isn’t involved any comprehensive list, but the following are the few side effects that a person encounters during a transplant. You may experience some or you may experience none from them.

  • SCARRING: The surgeon remove the strip of skin from the scalp as wide as 1 to 1.5 cm.
  • Infection: When such surgeries take place, there are few chances of infection. For this purpose, one must go for a reputable and experienced surgeon in the transplant field.
  • Swelling: It is little wonder now that swelling is common after transplantation. Nothing to worry about.
  • Itching: Itching is a part of the healing process since the body went through some changes.
  • Excessive bleeding: It is also common in hair transplant surgeries since it involves the extraction of the body part.

Natural-Looking Results:

Hair transplants can give you natural-looking results that can surprisingly amaze you. There are no more accurate methods than transplants, should opt for.

Zero Evidence of Cancer:

Medically and scientifically, there is no proof of cancer till now. Don’t believe in rumors and myths. However, one should be aware of these effects.

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