Hair Restoration For Women

Being a female, it is a stigma in society that you should look beautiful. Hair loss and Female patterns of Baldness reduce the chances of appearing attractive to others and lead to self-consciousness. For this, many acquire how to restore women’s hair loss. 

Women opt for many different treatment plans (surgical or non-surgical hair restoration/transplants) to eliminate hair loss signs in which hair transplant or restoration is on top. Our facility is renowned for its best female hair restoration, and many people recommend it for the best hair loss treatment.

Generally, women suffer hair loss to a greater extent as compared to men. This is only because they have to undergo multiple changes such as hormonal changes, stress, childbirth, etc. these all contribute to leading loss of nourishment in the scalp and as a result, the incidence of hair loss increases. The degree and amount of hair loss are variable and so it cannot always be restored by multivitamins for hair regrow medications. On the other hand medications and surgical treatments can have possible side effects as well. A PRP hair loss treatment in Dubai Is now declared as one of the best treatments for hair loss especially in women.

Read the article below to understand Hair Restoration for Women in Dubai.

Hair Restoration for Women:

Women assume that because hair restoration treatment is a viable choice for over 90% of many balding males throughout the nation, they will be possible candidates, but this is unlikely to be the case. Most females experience widespread hair loss, characterized by thinner parts of the head and the sides and back, which serve as donor sites in men. Hair is extracted from these locations in preparation for restoration to other parts of the head.

Why has Hair loss become so common? 

The answer to that is because of multiple reasons. There is not just one single reason that contributes to hair loss but because of other possible things that give rise to hair loss, especially in women.  following can be the reasons that make hair loss common: 

Stress and anxiety:

 women especially are very prone to stress and anxiety.  Their body sheds hair in response to mental problems. Whenever any woman is stressed or under the attack of depression or anxiety she tends to limit her food intake and the loss of appetite tends to decrease the nutrition in the body. The lesser the nutrients in the body the greater is the incidence of hair loss.

Pregnancy and parturition:

A sudden change in hormones can be very difficult for a woman to cope up with. The thing that is first and foremost affected is the hair. During parturition, a woman uses a lot of blood as well as a lot of the nutrients are extracted in the lactation process. This can only be restored by exclusive yet effective treatments such as hair transplant Dubai

Low Levels of blood:

Women as compared to men have very low levels of blood in their bodies. This is because of the different hormonal phases such as menstruation, ovulation, etc. this as a result causes hair loss in them at a faster rate than in men.

What are the options for hair restoration for women?

As far as her restoration problem is concerned the following can be some of the methods lists that can help women deal to get their hair back such as: 

  • Protein-rich diet.
  • Minoxidil sprays. 
  • Hair transplant surgeries.
  • PRP hair loss treatments.

Which is the most effective hair restoration for women?

According to aesthetic medicine and the hair specialist, it is suggested that PRP hair loss treatment in Dubai is by far the best treatment.  This is because it is completely natural and has no side effects reported as such. It is free of any chemicals, which is the main reason it is considered the best.

Types of Hair Restoration:


Hair restoration surgical techniques can be divided into two kinds: FUT and FUE.

A strip of skin with hair follicles is taken from the back of the scalp during the follicular unit transplant (FUT) procedure. The hair follicles are then extracted from the skin strip or transplanted to the receiving region.

Individual hair follicles are extracted from the back of the scalp without removing a strip of the skin using the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The hair follicles are then put into the recipient site, just like the other approach.


  • Microneedling.
  • PRP.
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).

Hair Transplant for Women’s Hair Loss Candidate:

Even though there are not more than 20% – 25% of females who need hair transplants for their hair loss condition. The suitable candidate for Hair Transplant for Women’s Hair Loss in  Dubai are as follows:

  • Women are suffering from traction alopecia or mechanical alopecia.
  • Women have undergone cosmetic or plastic surgery in the past and are concerned.
  • Women with a specific pattern of baldness that resembles male pattern baldness
  • Women have lost their hair due to trauma, such as burn victims, incident scarring, and chemical burns.
  • Women are suffering from alopecia marginalis.

Hair Transplant Cost:

On average, AED 6,800 is the average Female Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai. Hair transplants may be done through grafting, and their cost varies depending on the number of grafting sessions. This cost depends upon different factors such as:

  • Location.
  • Surgeon’s Fees.
  • Treatment Plan.
  • Sessions.
  • Condition of the patient.
  • Type of anesthesia.


The results of a hair transplant are life-lasting. The healthiest hair from the balding-resistant areas of your scalp is taken for transplantation purposes. Therefore, they do not fall out easily even after being shifted to baldness-prone areas. No Guarantee, as the results may vary from person to person.

Hair Restoration at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai:

Women’s insecurities start with skin, hair, nail, and body aesthetic issues. Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai understands these concerns and offers its best quality services at affordable prices. We have certified surgeons and qualified staff that assures you have the expected outcomes with minimal to no discomfort. The technology utilized at our clinic is highly advanced, and with that, our professionals perform the procedures with precision. 

Free Consultation:

If you require any other information, please do not hesitate to schedule your free consultations. We are here to serve you with the best Hair Restoration for Women in Dubai at minimal expenses. You can check out the latest discounts offered at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic too.