Gummy Smile Treatment Cost

As with other dental procedures, the cost of gummy smile treatment can be influenced by the location of the clinic, the expertise of the dentist, and the technique used.

When you smile, do you feel like that you expose too much of the gums? Take it easy. At dynamic clinic, we offer a comprehensive range of procedures to fix the excessive gingival display.

Laser Gum Surgery Overview:

Just to let you know, our dentists usually recommend laser surgery for gummy smile. The procedure involves pointing a laser to the gum tissues to remove them. This also means quicker recovery times, lower risks, and minimal downtimes. However, the results vary from patient to patient depending on the severity of the gingival display. And so do the costs. The cost varies considerably depending on the resources, and skills used. Different techniques come with their prices, making the costs highly variable from one patient to another regardless of their gender and age.

Continue reading to learn the cost of gummy smile treatment in Dubai and the factors that may influence it.

How Much Is The Treatment?

Dental sources indicate that the cost of gummy smile treatment in Dubai varies considerably between AED 5000 to AED 9000 based on the severity of the condition, length of the procedure, location of the clinic, the skills of the dentist, and appliances.

Let’s look at each factor in more detail.

The Severity of the Condition:

Many patients only want to fix the excessive gingival display, while some may want a complete smile makeover. Generally speaking, the more effort that is needed to meet your goals, the more the cost.

Length of the Procedure:

The length of the procedure can also have some effect on the treatment cost. 

Location of the Clinic:

Clinics situated in metropolitan areas are more expensive than those in rural areas. It’s important to reach out to your service provider to get a rough idea of the cost.

Skills of the Dentist:

Each year, there occurs many horror stories of people getting botched smiles receiving gummy smile treatment by poorly skilled personnel and sometimes even unlicensed dentists who use unsafe lasers.

Additional Costs:

If the surgeon wants to prepare the teeth for additional work, then the cost will certainly increase.

Insurance And Financing:

Gummy smile treatment is typically done as an elective procedure for cosmetic reasons. Therefore, the insurance coverage will likely not be possible. But if you are not financially stable enough to make the upfront payment of the total cost, it should not be the reason for not receiving the treatment.

At dynamic clinic, various financing options are available to help patients fund elective procedures. Certified and experienced Dr. Michel Bou Chaaya treats patients of Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah.

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