Gingival Recession Causes And Treatment In Dubai

Gum recession is the new aesthetic problem a lot of the people are facing these days. The problem is not noticeable unless and until it starts to reveal the yellow colour below the presence of the gum. As the gum recedes backward the area which was below starts to appear yellowish and discoloured. On the other hand it also becomes more prone to bacteria and plaque retention. People are still in favour of a gummy smile because it is attractive and makes a person look years younger. You can still get back that gummy smile you once had by getting your hands on the gum recession treatment in Dubai offered in the Dynamic Clinic by the dental specialists.

What Is Gum Recession? 

Gum recession is when the gums are pulled back and upwards from their normal place. You can say that it is basically a displacement of the gum from its original position. It draws attention when the discoloration starts to appear which generally is not present under normal conditions.  Gum recession makes the teeth very prone to bacterias and infections. Seeking proper gum recession treatments on time is very important.

What Are The Causes Of Gum Recession?

Before stepping into the treatment for any disease it is always important to look for the causes. Once the root causes are removed that treatment starts working itself. here are some of the common causes that lead to gum recession:


Candidates who smoke are very prone to the recession. The tobacco that is present causes detrimental effects on the gums and they lose their oxygen and proper blood supply as a result starts to recede from the respected area.

Vigorous Brushing:

A lot of people think that brushing excessively using aggressive forces will clean their teeth. This is completely wrong and it only exerts pressure on the gums making them displace from their original place.

Improper Oral Hygiene:

Leaving your oral cavity and not paying attention to the block attentive areas will cause it to seed into the gingival spaces. This inturn causes the gingiva to recede back and plaque to get collected on the gingival space.

Gum Diseases:

According to dentist  gum diseases such as the periodontal disease in which the gum becomes affected by any bacteria, plaque or unhealthy improper  oral hygiene make a room for the gums to recede upwards. You need to choose the best periodontist in Dubai for its treatment and outcomes.

What Are The Treatment Options For Gum Recession?

If you are finally looking for a change in your oral cavity and are concerned about the gums and its recession then the following treatment modalities can be of a great help:

Flossing And Using Mouthwash:

Make a habit of flossing your teeth every time whenever you complete your meals. This will prevent the food debris from accumulating in the areas around the gingiva. On the other hand regular use of mouthwash can also prevent the bacterias from getting a favourable environment around the gums.

Smoking Cessation:

It may sound very difficult in the initial years but smoking will help in the control of gingival recession. There is no research carried out whether smoking will cause the gums to grow back  but it can still limit the rate at which a gum recession occurs in the smokers.

Scaling And Polishing:

According to the best periodontists in Dubai it is suggested that taking regular sessions of scaling within every 6 months will help to get rid of the plaque accumulation around the gums and this will promote their growth.

Guided Tissue Regeneration:

When all the treatments are insufficient enough for the regeneration of the receded gums then the surgical procedure known as the guided tissue regeneration ( GTR)  is the only treatment of choice left. It is the best method in which the gingival tissue is collected from your oral cavity and is then grafted on to the areas where the gum recession has occurred. Within a few days to weeks the gums will start to fill up the receded area.


The Dynamic Clinic has the best methods for the treatment of gingival recession including GTR. You can visit the clinic in order to know about the gum recession treatment cost in Dubai.