Gum Recession Treatment Cost in Dubai

Everything you need to know about Gum recession cost! 

Receding gums that expose the roots of the tooth can damage the entire base and lead to future tooth loss. In order to prevent gum recession from going worse, as well as to avoid expensive dental care, you need to see a dental surgeon timely.

Well, if you have been diagnosed with gum recession, inquiring about the cost will probably be your least concern. Well, the cost determines the level of interest, since it corresponds to real needs. It is worth paying attention to the offered prices to conclude how much it is supposed to spend in your case.

Go over this short blog to clear up your all cost-related inquires.

About Gum Recession And Its Treatment:

Gum recession is a condition in which the edge of the gum-covered teeth, wears away, exposing most of the teeth. This condition also leads to redness, swelling, and bleeding of the gums, along with increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods. All of these symptoms seem normal at first glance, but ignoring them can lead to tooth loss and you may need expensive dental implants.

At Dynamic Dental Clinic, we perform gum transplant surgery to restore the health of your gums. There are three methods associated with this operation, however, depending on the condition of the gums, you will be prompted towards the best one.

  1. Connective Tissue Grafts
  2. Pedicle Grafts
  3. Free gum Grafts

Gum Recession Cost In Dubai:

On average, Gum grafting/ Gum recession treatment cost in Dubai is usually between AED 800 and AED 12,000.

The general prices shown in your case may be outside this range. This is just to give you a rough idea so you can come up with some coarse estimates. Depending on the insurance plan, the cost of treating gum recession may be partially or fully covered, rates vary. Please go through the factors affecting cost for a better know-how.

Factors Affecting The Cost:

The cost of gum recession depends on what is actually associated with the treatment. From patient concerns to technician skills and even clinic location, rates can vary.

  • The extent of gum recession
  • Required number of gum grafts
  • Post-sessions
  • Dental surgeon’s skills
  • Clinic location

Is Gum-Graft Worth It?

Since gum-grafting surgery treats all deformities of gum recession at once and prevents further damage, there is still no guarantee that the gums will no longer be bothered in the future. Regular dental check-ups and home care is important to prevent serious injury and therefore, complicated surgeries.

However, the prices you spend on gum transplants only pay off if you take good care of your treatment and follow the proper guidelines for recovery. However, in most cases, the value of the treatment depends on how modern dental equipment is available in your clinic and how experienced your surgeon is in doing gum grafts.

Possible Discounts:

Aside from dental insurance, a dynamic clinic is likely to help you with expensive dental care. And when it comes to dental surgeries, our installment plans and discounts fit well.

After our experts have assessed you and provided you with a quote, please provide your requests for cost and the suitable payment plan you want to use. You can also take advantage of our discounts, which mainly apply to special events such as New Year, Eid, or Christmas.

The Bottom Line:

Please let us know if you have any further questions about Gum Recession Treatment Cost in Dubai.