Get Better Skin and Boost your Confidence with HIFU treatment

After the enormous success of aesthetic treatments, associations have decided to introduce much more improved and effective technique should and devices in order to work on the skin clarity. A similar skin treatment that is HIFU treatment in Dubai is another quick and effective technique through which one can have a perfectly glowing spotless and clarified skin. It has helped a lot of people in boosting up their confidence that they had lost over the time the cause of their imperfect skin.  In this article we will discuss HIFU , its benefits and procedural steps.

What is HIFU? 

HIFU stands for high intensity focused ultrasound. As the name indicates the technique involves the use of a device that emits ultrasonic rays that are exposed to the skin. They make some changes in the skin leading to nourishment, rejuvenation and replenishment. 

The aesthetician ensures that the amount and the frequency of the ultrasound is high yet within the safer limits that will not damage the skin but in turn will work on the problematic areas of the skin.

How does HIFU Work on the Skin? 

Before you go into the depth of HIFU treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi you should first know about the mode of action.  The mechanism of HIFU is a slightly complex one and this makes it the most versatile and indifferent from the other aesthetic treatments.

When the ultrasonic device is placed or brushed over the skin, it causes tiny breakages to enter the capillaries of the skin or you can say it creates tiny wounds within the cellular level.  On account to repair the wounds the skins mediators get activated in order to repair the wounds.

This way new cells are generated and the old dead cells are diminished.  The new growth of cells and tissues are much more revived and rejuvenated with a proper blood flow. 

Merits of HIFU:

Below is the list of some of the prime benefits you can enjoy after getting a HIFU treatment: 

Clears the Skin:

It removes off all the imperfections from the face and makes it more clear and spotless. You will notice that your skin has become a lot more refreshed and clean from before. The best part about this treatment is it does not require consistency on a regular basis as two treatments of HIFU per month are more than enough to get that ideal skin type. 

Works on Natural Principles:

As mentioned earlier a HIFU  treatment works on the natural phenomena by creating wounds and then repairing it in order to rigor the skin rejuvenating mediators. This in turn helps minimize chances of potential risks.

Allows Hydration:

HIFU treatment promotes hydration into the skin and it restores moisture into the skin. It increases the tendency of absorbing moisturizers when you apply them by helping the skin in breathing.

Fades off Acne Marks:

Around 8 in 10 people choose treatment in Dubai to eliminate and get rid of the scars on their face that has always been a problem. The treatment works deep down into the innermost dermis of the skin and this is the reason why it is very helpful in getting rid of the scars and acne marks so easliy. 

Helps Boost Confidence:

The greatest benefit of HIFU treatment is it helps boost your confidence. Appearance is one of the major factors that hinders your confidence. An HIFU treatment works marvelously in enhancing the beauty of your face by making it more clear and spotless. This as a result helps you to become much more confident and socialize largely. 

What to Expect in the Procedure of HIFU? 

  •  Initial exfoliation of the facee to remove dirt and grime
  •  Emission of ultrasonic waves through the device
  •  the device is brushed all over the face targeting the T zones and other problematic areas
  •  Once the treatment is completed the candidate check by is allowed to leave for home
  •  The candid will be acknowledged with the post treatment instructions such as mild to moderate inflammation, slight redness in those first few hours after the treatment.

What is the Cost of HIFU? 

The Cost of HIFU Treatment in Dubai ranges between 699 AED to 800 AED. The dynamic clinic in the UAE has introduced some offers related to aesthetic treatments that also include HIFU treatments at very affordable prices.

The Final Verdict!

Your skin being an epitome of beauty deserves to be well pampered and taken care of. Your very first appointment for HIFU treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is waiting for you, so hurry up and grab the appointment with a free consultation from the aesthetician.