Misaligned Teeth- Causes and Treatment Options In Dubai

Dental space maintainers are the best treatment or appliance for children who have their primary tooth or baby tooth exfoliated at the wrong time or at an early stage. The earlier the baby tooth falls off or is extracted the greater are the chances for the adjacent tooth to drift into the empty space of the socket, causing a problem for the permanent tooth to erupt. A dental space maintainer when placed immediately after the extraction of the primary tooth can maintain the space up till the permanent tooth is ready to erupt. 

What Are The Causes of Early Tooth Loss? 

  • Tooth loss in trauma or fall.
  • Extraction done because of extensive cavity.
  • Tooth Removal because of retained baby tooth. 
  • Extraction of the baby tooth because of failed filling in the tooth.

Why Is Dental Space Maintenance Important For Children? 

According to dentists and studies whenever a tooth is pulled out from a socket it creates a huge space. This space causes the adjacent teeth to drift and stretch into the spaces. As a result the entire alignment of the teeth gets disturbed. When the kid grows up this makes a problem for the permanent teeth to place themselves and the entire tooth anatomy distorts. 

A dental space maintainer appliance creates a room for the permanent to erupt and maintains the space and up till the primary tooth comes into the oral cavity. 

What Are The Benefits of Dental Space Maintenance for Children? 

  • Maintains the space for the eruption of permanent tooth.
  • prevents the teeth from drifting into the extraction space.
  • prevents teeth from losing their proper alignment.
  • Prevents spaces in the jaw.

What Are The Types of Dental Space Maintainers? 

There are three types of dental space maintainers:

  • unilateral.
  • distall shoe. 
  • lingual.
  • crownand loop.

The Unilateral:

A unilateral space maintainer is used for a single tooth on one side of the jaw. It keeps the teeth from drifting. A metal loop is present which maintains the space within the mouth. 

Distal Shoe:

A distal shoe space maintainer is exclusively placed for an erupting permanent molar. This kind of space maintainer is deeply inserted in the gums of the space so that it doesn’t closes up. 


Lingual arch space maintainers is best used in conditions when there are multiple teeth are extracted. It can be placrd on both the sides (bilaterally). 

Crown and Loop:

As the name suggests the crown is on the socket covering its entire surface and the loops are attached next to it for withstanding the space. 

How Are Dental Space Maintainers Placed into the Mouth? 

  • The tooth is extracted either due to cavity or due to any history of trauma.
  • The surgeon then refers the child to the orthodontist for further evaluation. 
  • The orthodontist analyses the space and the size is recorded through an impression material such as aliginate.
  • The impression is model is send to the lab for the fabrication of the space maintainer. 
  • The dental appliance is made and the child is called up for the appointment of insertion. 
  • The Dentist then places the appliance in the child’s mouth. 

The entire process is not as easy at is sounds, it requires a great of compliance for the dentist as well as the child for the treatment. Children are mostly agitated with such dental procedures and a dentist’s patience is well tested during such cases. 

Why Choose Us!

  • Our clinic has highly trained staff to deal with children as patients. 
  • Our environment is completely infection free and sterile.
  • We have special area for kids.
  • The instruments used a well sterilized and used on one to one patient. 

The Final Verdict!

Any dental problem that is arises during the childhood inturn causes problems in the Permanent teeth. Seeking the right treatments at the right time is important to prevent mishaps from occuring in the future. A dental space maintainer is a clear example of an appliaince placed in early years for the betterment of the permanent dentition. Choose a wise dentist and dental clinic in Dubai who is well compliant and has sound knowledge.