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Once kids lose their primary teeth, there is a chance that other teeth may drift and occupy the space in which some other teeth were supposed to grow. This process has the potential to urge the teeth to overlap over one another. Therefore, if your child has lost a primary tooth without the development of a new one, Dental Space Maintainers are something that orthodontists urge you to employ. If space maintainers are not used for your kids, this will lead to expensive complications in adulthood. So, it is better to get the consultancy of your orthodontist while keeping a watch on your child’s teeth. If you need information regarding the Cost of Dental Space Maintenance in Dubai,  keep reading.

The Purpose of Dental Space Maintainer:

The dental space maintainers are devised through metal or plastic and are placed into the space left after a primary tooth is lost before the development of new teeth occurs. The term is self-explanatory as the purpose is to maintain space so that the teeth do not drift and overlap wrongly. There are certain steps during a developing stage: the loss and development of new teeth being one.

On average, a child starts this process at the age of 6; however, if for some reason, a child loses their tooth/teeth, before this age, it means that the growth of a new one hasn’t yet begun. This means that a void will be left for a long time which can urge the adjacently positioned teeth to relocate inaccurately. The purpose of space maintainers, therefore, is to maintain the space before the development of adult teeth is initiated.

Aftercare Steps:

Once dental space maintainers have been placed, there are certain points that you need to keep in mind:

  • Take good care of the hygiene.
  • Brush and floss as per the instruction of your dentist.
  • Be more careful regarding your teeth.
  • Watch what your child eats: once space maintainers are placed, your child needs to refrain from eating sticky food such as caramel candies.
  • Visit your dentist for regular teeth checkups

Teeth are a sensitive part of the body. They need to be taken care of especially when they are acquainted with something from the outside.

Benefits of Dental Space Maintainers:

  • Minimizes the need for Braces or retainers as teeth will remain in the respective position
  • Are painless, for the most part.
  • Permanent teeth can erupt without complications
  • Your child will have properly aligned teeth and a perfect smile
  • A child will feel confident, especially when they grow up.

Types of Space Maintainers:

You can opt for the following types of maintainers for the teeth of your children.

  • Fixed Space Maintainer: Fixed space maintainers are devised to be placed inside the space and they are not handy.
  • Removable Space Maintainer: These maintainers can be removed with ease. They work similarly to removable retainers.
  • Unilateral Space Maintainer: This is a wire placed inside the space that is placed and extended from one part of the mouth.
  • Bilateral Space Maintainer: This is used when a child has lost a tooth from both sides.

Dental Space Maintenance Cost in Dubai:

Dental space maintainers are highly recommended by dentists. In Dubai, you will find various opportunities. The Dental Space Maintenance Price in Dubai is naturally not fixed. Rather, the price varies depending upon different factors: the orthodontist that you have chosen and the clinic you have opted for. Likewise, it may also depend on the type of dental space maintainer that your child is supposed to get. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, you will get a space maintainer at around AED 1,900. In order to know more, you can contact some of the best orthodontists available at Dynamic Clinic.

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