Four Things you May not Know About Brazilian Butt Lift

For years the need to have an attractive body along with heavy and firm hips has always been in the trend. Females residing in Dubai have this trait which eventually passes on to their future generations. This is the reason why Brazilian butt lift has become so common and is widely spreading. Its amazing results have left everyone astonished. Here are some things you should know about Brazilian Butt lift Dubai.

What is Brazilian Butt lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is a kind of minor surgery in which the fat graft is collected from the donor’s body and then is re-injected into the hips of the recipient.

Fact you should know here is that the donor and the recipient are the candidates themselves. Therefore the chances of potential risks is very minimal. 

In some cases a Brazilian butt lift can also be done through dermal fillers that consist of Hyaluronic acid that is quite strong. nonetheless the side effects and risks are preferably more as compared to any other method the results also take quite longer to be witnessed.

What are the Benefits of a Brazilian Butt lift? 

  • Attractive and eye-catching shape and appearance of the butts.
  •  Better confidence and boldness.
  • a perfectly contoured body.
  • Less feeling of inferiority complex.

A Brazilian Butt lift is not just about having a figure of 8. There are some things you might have not known about a Brazilian Butt lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and here we have gathered some information for you : 

  1. Weight Changes Will Alter the Results:

 The amount of fat graft transferred into your butt is decided by the Surgeon after analyzing your complete body weight. Minimum to moderate changes in the body weight do not affect the hips. 

However if you have extensively lost or gained weight then the shape and structure of your butts will look relatively off. It is important to maintain your weight after a Brazilian Butt lift. 

  1. Requires Proportion:

You just cannot decide the size of your Brazilian butt lift yourself.  There are a lot of things that need to be kept in mind. Among all things ,proportion is the major aspect. candidates who have thin or limp shape of the body the butt lift size will generally be less in proportion. 

For candidates who are having increased weight, the butt Lift size decided will generally be greater but confined to the limits of proper proportion. 

  1. Is Very Safe:

One of the major reasons why a butt lift is widely acceptable is because of its safety.  Since the graft is extracted from the donor’s body and not from any other sample the chances of risk are quite low.  

  1. The Fat Can Melt:

There is one thing that surgeons normally will not tell you is, fat resorption can take place. The results you immediately witness after a Brazilian butt lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi will  be different from what you will be observing in the next few years.

 This is because fat cells have the tendency to resorb.  Follow the proper aftercare instructions and try to maintain your weight. This way the fat absorption into the body will be negligible. 

How is the Procedure of Brazilian Butt lift Performed? 

Here is what you can expect in a single treatment of a Brazilian but lift:

  • The surgeon will first plan the entire surgery and then mark the areas from where fat is to be extracted.
  • Next,  the surgeon will then map the areas where the fat graft will be transferred.
  • Gently the extracted fat is then grafted into the marked areas. 
  • After recovery phase the candidate is then sent home.

What to Expect in the Results after a Butt lift

  • Naturally looking wider hips.
  •  A balanced body with the perfect size in the lower extremities.
  •  A kind of body shape you always wanted.
  •  Improved overall body aesthetics.
  • You will observe a mild swelling actor treatment site in the first few days but it will eventually regress in a few days time. 

What is the Cost of Brazilian Butt lift in Dubai?

Generally the Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai ranges from 15,000 AED to 25,000 AED

It depends on how complex your treatment will be and how skillful the surgeon is. 

 The Final Verdict!

A Brazilian Butt lift in Dubai can be your good to go partner in revealing a perfectly well contoured body. It is not just for females alone but men can also enjoy its benefits. So what are you waiting for? Grab your appointment in the Dynamic Clinic for a Brazilian Butt lift and show off those crazy moves.