We have a team of special orthodontists having sound knowledge and skills regarding all the treatments related to it, especially braces.

Do you think that choosing an orthodontic treatment is a big hassle for you? Then here are some guidelines for you that will make your dilemma clear regarding which one to choose: either fixed braces or clear aligners. Both of them equally have high standard benefits however their use and effectiveness may differ. Our Dynamic clinic is one of the best dental clinic in Dubai that deals with all kinds of braces. We have a team of special orthodontists having sound knowledge and skills regarding all the treatments related to it, especially braces. 

What Are Braces?

Braces are a kind of dental appliance that are placed onto the surface of the teeth for the correction of alignments and malocclusions. Their role is to rectify tilted, hooked, twisted, protruded, retruded and intruded teeth. There are a variety of braces used in the dental industry. Each of them is different and an evolution of the previous one.

What Are The Types of Braces? 

Generally there are two types of braces:

  •  Fixed.
  •  Removable.


  • Metallic braces.
  • Ceramic braces.
  • Lingual braces.
  • Damon brace.


  • Aligners.

What Are Fixed Braces? 

Fixed braces that consist of brackets placed on the teeth with wire intact. They are not removed by the patient and only the dentist has the domain to do it. They are placed for over years until the final treatment and desirable results are achieved. Since that treatment is complex and lengthy one should choose a good orthodontist in Dubai for its placement and follow up. 

What Are Aligners? 

Aligners are invisible braces that are made up of plastic-like material called acrylic. In simpler words they are like mouth guards and can be easily removed and inserted back in the mouth.

Fixed braces Vs Aligners: 


Fix braces are made of a collection of metallic brackets with a wire and rubber rings used to tuck it in. Whereas aligners are made up of acrylic which is transparent in colour. 

Time Duration:

Fixed braces are placed for years up till the treatment completes that nearly takes about 3 to 4 years depending on patient to patient. Aligners can only be given one year to 6 month of time period for their placement and working. 

Functional Activity:

When functional activity is taken into consideration, fixed braces are better because their mechanism of action is very powerful. The brackets and wires in combination exert very strong forces on the roots of the teeth causing them to move and realign them properly. 

In cases of aligners they are not very strengthy and are not bound to cause root movements. there functional activity is lesser to that of fixed braces comparatively.

The Resistance To Stress:

Whenever you bite or eat something hard it is very likely that the metallic braces and wires tend to disrupt and distort.

However clear aligners are very endeavoring. They do not break or distort very easily. Acrylic is a very strong material. The Dynamic Clinic provides best Clear Aligners in Dubai that are highly fracture resistant and do not deform easily. 

Food and Chewing:

Where clear Aligners are fracture resistant and do not have a tendency to easily damage they have other major drawbacks. They cannot be worn while eating or chewing. 

On the other hand, fixed braces can be comfortable and do not need to be removed while eating or chewing. 

Multiple Visits:

Fixed braces require frequent follow ups and timed appointments in order to be tightened or loosened according to the condition and treatment progress. This can be a huge hustle for the candidate. Clear aligners do not require any single visit either for follow up. 

To sum up both of them have equal benefits but it depends upon the dentist as well as the candidate which one they would choose based on the condition. 

What Is The Cost Of Dental Braces? 

Dental braces cost in Dubai is based upon the type of treatment either fixed or removable. It also depends upon the severity and complexity of the entire treatment. For more concerns you can book an appointment with the specialized orthodontists who will  suggest to you the price of each treatment. 

The Bottom Line! 

If you want further information about dental braces in Dubai and which one is ideal for you then you are most welcome in our Dynamic Clinic where you will be provided one to one detail about each and every type of braces you would like to know.