5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Clear Aligners

The advent of clear aligners or teeth aligners has made teeth alignment a lot more easier and convenient both for the dentist as well as for the patient. It has totally put off the conventional metallic braces which were extremely lengthy and painful. Teeth aligners are now widely available in Dubai including our clinic at a very reasonable cost.  However before choosing teeth aligners for your treatment it is important to know how you should be taking care of them in order to prevent any mishap.

What is so Hyped About Clear Aligners?

The reason why clear aligners or teeth aligners are so hyped in Dubai is because of their natural looking texture and hassle free nature. Unlike the conventional dental braces they are not bound to be taken care of keenly. you only need to follow some major guidelines after having them on.

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5 Tips for Taking Care of your Clear Aligners:

Maintain Hygiene of Your Aligners:

It is very important to acknowledge that you are maintaining the hygiene of your clear aligners. Once you remove them, always rinse them off with the normal water to clear any saliva or debris that has accumulated into them.  

Avoid Using Cold Water:

 The reason why cold water is prohibited and lukewarm water is more preferred for cleaning the aligners is because warm water has the tendency to remove all bacteria or any microorganism that has seeded itself into the object it stays on. 

Clean Your Oral Cavity:

Whenever you are about to replace your teeth aligners, remember that you should always brush and floss your teeth completely so that there is no plaque accumulation or any food impaction. In case you have not brushed or flossed your teeth properly and have worn your aligners then know that you are welcoming and giving rise to filthy infection in the future.

Therefore, it is always recommended that you maintain your oral hygiene along with hygiene of your teeth aligner.  

Do Not Use Any Chemicals Over the Aligners:

Dentists strictly prohibited use of any chemicals or even toothpaste for cleaning your aligners. This is because your aligners are made of acrylic and there are chances that it can absorb the chemical and that chemical as a consequence can even reabsorb into your oral cavity leading to other hazards.

We provide cleaning agents for aligners that are included in the Cost of Teeth Aligners in Dubai. 

Avoid the Use of Food with Added Colors:

Acrylic can stain very easily and so it can absorb the colors and flavors that are present in your Food. You have to pay close attention to what you are eating so that you can minimize the risk of staining your clear aligners. 

Cost of Teeth Aligners in Dubai:

The Cost of Teeth Aligners in Dubai ranges from 9,000 AED to 25,000 AED. Nonetheless, the actual cost depend upon the following factors : 

  • The complexity of the treatment.
  • Oral anatomy of the candidate.
  • The capability of the patient whether affordable or not. 
  • The entire treatment planning.
  • The experience and seniority of the dentist who is preparing the aligners .

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The Final Verdict!

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