Facial Injections and fillers for men

Skincare treatments and facial rejuvenation therapies are not only for women. Females are often more conscious about their facial appearance, hair, and perfect body. But in today’s world, males are also interested in experiencing facial regeneration to get rid of the ageing signs. It would be best for men to experience the fantastic Fillers in Dubai at the best cost in the UAE.

What are Facial Fillers?

The facial filler is the anti-ageing skin revitalizing technique that reduces the visible ageing signs and makes the skin radiant, smooth, fresh and healthy. Dermal fillers are non-invasive and non-surgical therapy that brings back the youthful facial appearance, soft and clear skin. The treatment involves injecting the solution into the required area, making it smoother and removing the skin laxness.

Why do men need Facial Fillers?

Both males and females have to experience ageing, which can not be denied. Like women, men also get visible ageing signs, wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, deep smile lines and saggy skin. Men need skin rejuvenation and facial fillers to enhance their beauty and redefine the lost facial volume. 

Benefits of Facial Fillers for men:

  • It helps in bringing back the lost facial volume and youthful look.
  • The treatment is used to treat the dark circles, hollow eyes and adds volume and fullness to the tear troughs. 
  • It reduces the appearance of facial creases, deep wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It minimizes the appearance of droopy cheeks and defines the jawline.
  • The treatment enhances the nose shape and balances the droopy face. 
  • Facial injections also lessen the deep smile lines around the mouth and lip corners.
  • It is a quick, non-invasive, and versatile therapy.

Am I a good candidate to get Facial Fillers?

  • Facial Injections or Fillers are safe, accessible and effective without restrictions for men of all ages. Still, you should know the candidacy criteria
  • The candidate should be in good health.
  • A Person with deep wrinkles, facial lines, acne scars, droopy face, and saggy skin is ideal for getting facial fillers.
  • People who want to regain their youthfulness should go for facial fillers.
  • An ideal candidate should have realistic expectations from the treatment that it doesn’t provide permanent results.

Are Facial Fillers for Men worth it?

Yes, Dermal fillers work very well for facial rejuvenation for men. They restore your youthful and fresh skin. Facial fillers remarkably reduce the ageing signs, deep facial wrinkles, fine crease lines around the mouth, frown lines on the forehead. They redefine the appearance of facial features that have lost volume and hydrates the skin. 

Recovery from Facial Fillers for men?

The recovery time of Facial fillers for men depends on the treated area and the type of fillers used. Generally, facial fillers require hardly any longer recovery time. There are only one to two days of recovery and no downtime. The patient is allowed to resume daily life activities right after the treatment.

 How long do fillers for men last?

The long-term results of the fillers depend on the type of fillers used and the area being treated. To achieve the desired output, you have to follow the dermatologists’ before and after procedure suggestions strictly. Typically, the results will last from six to twelve months or more than a year for some patients. The patient needs to visit the dermatologist to maintain the results. 

Facial areas with continuous movements need to be maintained often. 

Fillers cost in Dubai:

Dermal fillers generally start from 1500 AED. The cost may get high depending on the type of filler a patient needs.

The cost of facial fillers in Dubai is not fixed because many fillers are used for the face, like nose fillers, lip fillers, and others. The price is defined by the patient’s problem, type of filler used, provider’s location, clinical characteristics, practitioner’s fee and expertise. 

You will be informed about the cost and other information related to the procedure during your initial consultation at the best fillers clinic in Dubai.

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