Best Face and Lip Fillers in Dubai Dynamic Clinic

Dermal fillers either lip or the face have become very common these days because they enhance facial features and promote beauty without having the need of undergoing any surgical treatment. It is irrespective of gender and can be chosen by any person. A lot of the people get it done if they are facing signs of aging especially wrinkles and fine lines. On the other hand women who are not satisfied with their thin and chapped lips often undergo lip fillers  so that their lips get instantly fuller and pouty.  Fillers are not just confined to wrinkles and fine lines but a lot more than that.  Here are some best lip filler injections in Dubai as well as facial fillers that will leave you irresistible! 

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Fillers are basically an injection which consists of Hyaluronic acid in Dubai. Their main role is to hydrate and balance the volume of the skin. They can improve your facial aesthetics and make you feel you have  a better looking appearance.  

If you choose the lip fillers then you will get Plummer, pouty, fuller and thicker lips.  Just one to two filler injections are sufficient enough. 

On the other hand getting face fillers done will help you get healthier and well defined cheeks that have lost their volume due to aging or any other factors.

What Are The Best Face And Lips Fillers In Dubai?

 Normally there are multiple types of lip and face fillers used in Dubai some of the topmost are listed below: 

  • Radiesse.
  • Juvederm.
  • Restylane.
  • Evolence.

Lips fillers that are used for the lip augmentation and enhancement are mostly the russian lip fillers in Dubai.  

How Do Fillers Enhance The Beauty Of The Face And Lips?

Hyaluronic acid in Dubai is the main ingredient for fillers that  is very efficient in promoting the long lost hydration from the face and the lips. As soon as they are injected, they fill up the spaces in the skin and bring about an instant heaviness and boost sunken appearance in the target area. 

How Is The Procedure Of Fillers Carried Out

  • Initially the aesthetician will first study the target areas based on your demand and the need of the filler administration. 
  • The Aesthetician will then mark the areas  where the fillers will be loaded in so that there are no chances of errors.
  •  Numbing gel is applied over all the surface where the fillers will be injected so that the candidate cannot feel  the pain
  •  The fillers will then be injected into the areas either the lips or in the face. In case of the face the areas which are most likely to receive the fillers are the cheeks, chin, corners of the eyes etc.
  • The specialist will gently rub the surface which has just received the fillers so that they are evenly distributed in the respected area.
  • The Aesthetician will carefully monitor the candidate after the treatment to observe any allergic reactions or responses.  Once the recovery period is completed the esthetician will explain to you certain post treatment instructions which are very important to follow.

Are There Any Side Effects After Getting Lip And Face Fillers?

There are no major side effects reported as such by the use of facial fillers and lip fillers however if proper care is not taken then there are chances that the following problems can arise: 

  •  Bruising and contusion at the treated area.
  •  redness and swelling.
  •  mild to moderate raised temperature.


If you ever find yourself uncomfortable with your look and want to enhance your facial appearance then the best way to modify it is by treating it with dermal fillers in Dubai. The choice and type of filler will be decided by your Aesthetician and they best know the number of sessions you would require in order to get the desired results. The entire treatment is based upon your patience and compliance.