Face Lift With Threads in Dubai - Thread Lift Price UAE

If you want to steal the show with your face then face lifting with threads in Dubai is one of the best treatments you can take for your aging skin. The treatment works By instantly lifting the skin by the use of pine threads made of polyester. The use of polyester makes the treatment very beneficial because it resolves in the skin and no one can even notice that you have taken any treatment lately. 

Here is the take about thread lifts for the face and everything you should know about it. Stay tuned and see the amazing facts getting unrevealed. 

What Are Thread Lifts? 

A thread left is basically an aesthetic procedure that instantly lifts your skin that has become loose over time by tightening its muscles. This treatment is usually done by fine threads that add an extraordinary youthfulness to the face. The treatment is non-invasive and does not require surgical intervention. It can be done on any part of the face including: 

  • Areas around the eyes .
  • The nose.
  • Chin .
  • Cheeks .
  • Jaw line .

Why Choose Thread Lift For The Face? 

The reason why a lot of people choose thread lift is because it is minimally less invasive than any other treatments. It is especially for those who don’t want to go under the knife. 

If you invest in the pricy creams and serums that work in the name of age reversal,  then you should better keep them aside because the results of a face thread lift are equally similar or you can say even more better in reversing the signs of aging.

Thread face lift technique evens out the facial wrinkles and fades the fine lines. It   Lifts up the sagging skin and it also even out frown lines from the forehead. It adds  volume to the cheeks and heightens them up especially if they are drooling downward. Thread lifts can improve the texture and condition of jowl lines, eyebrows and other target areas as well. 

Dynamic clinic offers best thread lift treatment in Dubai as it is done by highly experienced cosmetic surgeons. 

Benefits of Thread Lift Treatment

  • Improved symmetry of the face.
  • And increased volume in the face and overall areas.
  • Even and smoothing appearance from wrinkles.
  • Tight and elastic skin.
  • An ideal and perfect jawline.
  • A smooth forehead without the appearance of frown lines. 

How Do Thread Lift Works?

The entire procedure lasts for about an hour and it is done under complete local anaesthesia. The aesthetician will look at the areas that are to be targeted and will map them accordingly.

Fine threads are then  inserted below the skin with the help of a cannula, it is then pulled back tightly. The number of threads that are required depend upon the complexity and condition of the skin. The greater the sagging and drooping of the skin the greater is the number of threads required. 

Thread lifts be it cat eye thread lift Dubai or the regular ones all have the similar technique followed. 

What To Expect After a Thread Lift Session? 

A thread lift session is not as painful as a surgical facial lifting. However there can be some common symptoms that arise along with the treatment such as mild to moderate swelling. Bruising at the cannula site can be seen that will disappear soon. 

All you can do is just use some cold compresses and gels that are prescribed with medications by your surgeon. In order to expect the complete results it is important to comply with the post frequent instructions and stay steadfast with patience. 

Face Thread Lift Price Dubai:

Face Thread Lift Price in Dubai roughly starts from 499 AED (per thread).Note that the price is only for a single thread and that it can vary based upon the number of threads that are indulged  in your treatment. 


You can visit our clinic and can check the records of thread lift before and after. You will be amazed to see the results and will definitely want to get it done.