Face Lift by Threading in Dubai

Over time, wrinkles, fine lines and other skin flaws caused by aging residing within the skin become prominent on its surface. Further, the skin loses its elasticity and strength and eventually becomes tired, lose, and dull. Fortunately, the natural aging process can be reversed or delayed in several ways. Until now, a lot of cosmetic procedures have been introduced. Getting a younger-looking appearance even in the 40s has become easier today. There are both surgical and non-surgical skin tightening treatments available. Let’s take a closer look at non-surgical skin resurfacing and tightening approaches.

A thread lift is one of the best techniques to control skin sagging. It aims to improve the skin, especially facial skin, with the help of dissolvable sutures. This is quite quick as well as does not involve any side-effects that make it worth-receiving. It gives the skin a prominent lift that’s its ultimate goal. Although Face Lift by Threading in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is non-surgical, it’s important that patients choose an experienced plastic surgeon who can perform Facelift safely and precisely.

Who Should Consider Threading for Face Lift in Dubai?

This is an excellent alternative for people who are not willing to undergo a surgical procedure to tighten their skin. However, it is considered minimally invasive since it involves one or two incisions to make the desired change. Further, please note that the results offered are not permanent. This might be because the sutures used are dissolvable. After some time, they are absorbed by skin tissues.

To check whether this treatment is right or not, a consultation with the doctor can surely help. Discuss your goals, medical history, infections, and allergies with him.

Is it Worth Getting it?

In general, it addresses drooping and sagging skin for eight to twelve months. Thereafter, a second-line treatment will be needed. This process continues until you die.

It’s best option if you want to restore elasticity to the skin temporarily because this treatment, makes the skin look tighter, smoother, and more structured, and supple for a short period of time. Within two years, all the effects wear off.


When it comes to the recovery timeline, we cannot give any assurance on the exact time to recover from Face lift by threading in Abu Dhabi. Anyhow, immediately after the treatment, the skin’s healing process starts. And for most cases, in as little as three weeks, the skin fully heals.

As the patient recovers and his skin improves, he may notice swelling and bruising in the treatment site. However, these side-effects may not wear off too quickly and easily. Moreover, keep in mind that the end result doesn’t appear right after the treatment. They generally appear when all the side-effects are resolved.

Recovery time highly depends on the patient’s repair strategy in reaction to the treatment and the extent of the skin sagging treated. That means if your body usually responds well to injuries and wounds, you will have a smooth recovery after this procedure too.

How to Prepare well for this Treatment?

Though it is minimally invasive, you should be well-prepared to receive it. A few common pre-operative guidelines are:

  1. Stop using the medication that you are currently on
  2. Avoid sun exposure for at least a month before
  3. Avoid facials, and office-based skin treatments 48 hours prior to threading

Why Threading for a Facelift?

While facelift addresses sagging skin permanently, but it is not usually preferred over Thread lift. Why?

A facelift involves longer recovery times as compared to a thread lift. This is one of its biggest drawbacks of course. On the other side, when a patient undergoes a thread lift, he is not really sedated. Consequently, the patient can return home right after the treatment. Furthermore, there is no need to take weeks off of work after this non-surgical approach. This shows that the recovery is comparatively simple.

Facelift surgeries are high-risk, by virtue of how much invasive they are. There is a possibility of scarring, swelling, bleeding, and severe pain after having it. And in some cases, patients may also tackle infection at the incision site. If this occurs, he needs to contact the surgeon instantly.

Wrapping Up!

Facelift by threading in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is much more affordable, simpler, and easier to carry out than other skin-tightening or Facelift procedures. Anyhow, it should be noted that you should keep realistic expectations from the surgery, otherwise, even after getting incredible upshots you won’t be happy at all. Here, the most noteworthy thing about thread lifts is it can deal with mild to moderate skin sagging only. That means if you are seeking foreign aid to combat severe skin laxity issues, it may not be a good choice.

Don’t hesitate if you are interested to get further details about this treatment. You can schedule your appointment with us through our simple scheduling short form.