Explore Options for a Younger You with SMAS Lift in Dubai

Topical treatment and non-invasive procedures work best together. But wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way to tighten sagging skin without opting for multiple skincare regimens? Not only do these treatments add up to an incredible amount worth a surgical procedure. But it is also considered to be a troublesome journey to constantly make efforts to maintain a youthful appearance. For those who are willing to embrace long-lasting changes, explore Facelift in Dubai and discover more on Explore Options for a Younger You with SMAS Lift in Dubai with our budget-friendly packages. 

What do We mean by SMAS Lift?

The terms can be broken down into a simpler treatment label, commonly known as a facelift. It is a surgical procedure that is approached to make significant changes, upgrading one’s aesthetic profile. The treatment aims to eliminate aging signs from the face and neck, by removing the excess skin that is falling to gravity. By tightening it, it not only begins to firmly hold the facial muscles but also creates a refined youthful appearance. 

Is it a Neck Lift or a Face Lift?

SMAS Facelift in Dubai is a two-in-one treatment that focuses on correcting creasing skin and slacking facial muscles. The unique procedure delivers precise enhancement to lift the lost skin by delivering long-lasting results with natural-looking outcomes. 

Exploring the Best Option in the City:

Dubai is home to countless cosmetic clinics with top-notch treatments offered at the best affordable prices. From surgical to non-surgical procedures, there are a variety of treatments to choose from. Similarly, clients get to choose their ideal package deal as well. However, with additional sessions involved, not everyone is capable of extending the longevity of the maintenance. At Dynamic Clinic, clients can avail of top-class treatments at a budget-friendly offer. We discuss your financial concerns and design a treatment that fits best in your pocket. 

The Action of Mechanism:

It aims to eliminate all aging signs without putting you under the knife. A few minimalist incisions and melting stitches are performed to firmly hold and lock the new changes in place. However, the main purpose is to eliminate the excessive layers of the hoarding skin that brides fat and skin together. Additionally, it can target all descending silhouettes of the face including sagginess, jowls, and neck laxity to promote a youthful appearance. 

What Happens during the Session?

Mentioned below are the general steps and stages involved in SMAS Facelift:

  • No anesthesia is used during the process as it is a painless and smooth procedure.
  • Fat is safely removed by performing vertical lifting to achieve tighter-looking skin.
  • However, some dissolvable antibiotic stitches are adjusted into the skin to hold it.
  • The results will appear instantly and flawlessly. But generally requires 1 to 2 months to settle into the skin.
  • In the end, you are guided about the aftercare measures to practice smooth transformation without any risks.

Ideal Benefits to Look Up to:

We are introducing you to the common advantages enjoyed by the satisfied clients. 

  • It is a longer-lasting modification with rapid and durable results which not only lifts the sagging skin but also locks youthful effects.
  • Furthermore, it has a natural appearance to the finishing touches. Unlike other procedures, SMAS uniquely approaches the problem, without the need to make sutures that are later visible to the naked eye. 
  • It also improves neck laxity and provides submental fullness to grant a 360 upgrade to your entire facial appearance.

Managing Finances for SMAS Lift:

It is a known fact that insurance companies do not generally cover elective cosmetic surgeries. One has to save up to be able to enjoy aesthetic perks like these. However, not everyone is at a flexible budget plan where affording cosmetic procedures is easily accessible for all. This is where we come to your rescue. Our average Cost of SMAS Facelift in Dubai is around AED 30,000 to AED 40,000. However, when you contact us directly, a suitable plan is offered to you according to your savings and desired aesthetic goals.

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