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Our skin and tissues become less elastic with time. As we get older, wrinkles and skin sagging become more prominent. All of the anti-aging products we’ve seen on the market recently have components like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and numerous other substances that administer to people to maintain the goodness of their skin as the cosmetics field works hard and invent new technology to address these issues,  but its time to move on from these problems, some people choose quick solutions with rapid outcomes over long-term ones. But advancements in technology particularly plastic surgery has accomplished their goals, on an economical budget such as SMAS Lifting Dubai Price. Is a very reasonable process to fulfill your requirement, the sagging, and wrinkled facial cells are compressed during a Smas Facelift, It delivers a more youthful impression and loosens neck and face age signs.

Aims of the Treatment:

An advanced and precise Invasive process helps you in multiple ways to facilitate more to get your ideal face look.

  • This procedure is performed on a specific area of the face.
  • It helps to erase extra skin, compress the upper layer, and smoothen the wrinkles from the face.
  • In the facelift process, each side of the face is skimmed and pulled, then the skin is returned to a youthful appearance.
  • It also minimizes the sagging fold from the second chin.
  • Neck lifting is also done by this procedure.
  • It helps to change your appearance and make your skin tight and fresh.


This invasive procedure according to your desire removes the extra skin and sagging fold around the neck and jawline, the process depends on the severity of the rejuvenation (mini vs. standard), and all affects the particular method a medical professional would choose.

  • The expert will examine the targeted are before starting the process.
  • To assess how much skin tightening is required to get the best results.
  •  Your face will be marked and targeted skin griped.
  • anesthesia will be administered to make you relaxed during the process.
  • This treatment is done by the forehead raising behind and in front and back of the ear.
  • The professional will remove excess skin and fat after examining the underlying bones and connective tissues.
  • Then Carefully reestablish a more reliable basis for the skin.
  • Excess skin would be compressed and dispersed after choosing the area.
  • This process takes place under the chin to eliminate the extra skin and fat.
  • This SMAS Lifting Dubai Priceatment gives the face a smoother, more youthful look.


The  SMAS Lifting Dubai Price, at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, is not constant or fixed, the prices of the treatment depend on multiple factors including, preferences for the therapy depending on the method,  the selected preferences, the targeted area,  severity of the patient,  qualities of the expert, and reputation of the clinic, usually the prices can be varied according to:

  • A standard facelift invasive process takes more time and is highly effective in severe conditions it will cost higher.
  • Invasive process for neck and chin, it is also a lengthy process it can alter the total cost as it helps to tighten the skin under the specific region.
  • A little invasive process is shortened treatment, it takes lesser time because the target area is lesser so it will be less expensive. 
  • If the expert is highly demanded then the cost will be increased accordingly.


Reshape your Face and correct your appearance with entirely satisfactory outcomes and multiple advantages, this treatment is very valuable for those individuals who are upset by these indications of aging and skin sagging issues. 

  • This treatment will decrease the impression of your skin hanging.
  • Destroy excess skin from your face.
  • Also removes the extra skin from the neck and chin.
  • Make your target area smooth, tighten, and young.
  • It eliminates the aging factor.

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Our licensed, experienced, and most demanded Dermatologists give you assured services by your expectations, to make sure you have a clear understanding of just about everything related to cost benefits and procedures, SMAS Lifting Dubai Prices, range from AED 7,00 to AED 10,000. the expert used the most accurate and approved FDA  Process with fully satisfied and quickly responsive outcomes, get a free consultation by filling out the form mentioned below.