Everything You Must Know About Burn Reconstructive Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Burn victims face thousands of challenges every day. From physical defects to emotional stress or even worst body figure. Living with such problems isn’t the solution. Indeed there was a time when burnt skin wasn’t treatable but now it’s simply possible through Burn Reconstructive Surgery. With this surgical procedure, plastic surgeons improve the functionalities and enhance the appearance of burn-damaged skin.

If you have gone through any burn incidence or just finding a way out from this then don’t delay anymore. Bring your skin beauty back through our best Burn Reconstructive surgery. But wait. Hang on for a moment and read this blog. As we have mentioned, Everything you must know about Burn Reconstructive surgery in Dubai. I believe this will help you a lot in this regard.

Hope after Fire?

Instantly after the burn incident, you cannot have Burn reconstructive surgery. At this point, burn acute surgery takes place. It brings the people out of trauma by carrying out necessary care. Later in the recovery period, Burn Reconstructive surgery is performed for re-defining the versatility of damaged skin aesthetically.

Everyone knows plastic surgery is a broad field. It claims medical specialty, and precise artistic skills to deliver the best results. That’s why our clinic is offering the world’s best surgeons to handle every extent of burn happening.

5 Things you Must Know Before this Surgery:

Burn Category:

Every skin burn isn’t similar. Most likely your doctor will let you know about the type of burn you’re facing. Later any burn injury, as long as you leave your skin free collagen production gets initiated and somehow skin itself gets repaired to some point. But it leaves behind burn marks and indeed at times, there is a possibility of physical deformity. In such terms, you don’t need to take every burn ordinary. Schedule an initial consultation with the doctor to know the extent of damaged skin. This is typically categorized into three types.

First degree- This burn degree damages the external skin layer and causes inflammation and some discomfort.

Second degree- It affects both the upper and lower coating and indicts to excess pain, blistering in the affected site.

Third-degree- The most severe type of burns damages the body tissues deeply as well as underlying bone and muscles.

Surgeries are usually advised in the second and third degrees.

Initial Consultation is the Key:

The most important step is to arrange an initial consultation with our doctor. In this session, you will have the opportunity to ask plenty of questions, and also the results you want to achieve. Based on such criteria your doctor would make a plan that fits you well.

Most probably your surgeon will let you about Everything you must know about Burn Reconstructive surgery in Dubai. But still reading this blog can be much beneficial.

Don’t miss anything. Provide a complete medical history to our experts so they can conduct your physical examination in detail. Besides discussing the complications earlier can also help you in some way.

Surgical Process for Treating Burns:

The surgical technique can be operative as well as non-operative. Some burn injuries can be tackled through topical therapies or further skin planning. Otherwise, some plastic surgery methods are advised including skin grafts, scar revision, tissue expansion, flap procedures, and many more.

No matter what the technique, it will be done on an outpatient basis. But in some intense cases, patients might need a hospital stay.

Results you can Achieve:

The aim of this treatment is just to recover the lost functionality, ease, and outer looks of the burnt site. It also revises the scar in terms of refining the quality and confidence of life. But we cannot say that this treatment would eliminate the burn scars entirely. Somehow there is a possibility of mild scratch which usually goes with time.

You can notice progress in your body after a few months.

Aftercare is Important:

Just like any procedure, this surgery also claims some aftercare. To get the best optimal results both in terms of function and its appearance, one must go for frequent touch-up sittings. It usually takes years for the entire completion so you can’t get enough of its one session.