Enhance Your Masculine Look with Natural Facial Hair In Dubai

Men’s beard hair has an issue with sparseness and balding. This condition not only detracts from their appearance. But it also undermines their confidence. Because bread volume is crucial to a man’s first impression. Because of many elements, the growth of hair in the beard area declines. It results in patchy facial hair instead of an attractive beard. If you have beard baldness and want to add volume to your beard. Enhance Your Masculine Look with Natural Facial Hair In Dubai. You can fix a bald spot by implanting your hair at the summit of your head. In a society where grooming and personal style are more important than ever. The procedure offers many treatments to regain confidence.

What Is Beard Hair Transplant?

This method of hair restoration is gaining popularity. It is quick to finish and has a brief recovery period. So it is the placement of hair follicles in bald areas of the face. Hair follicles are plucked from the scalp’s back. The hair is then implanted in the exact facial location. This adds fullness to the beard areas of the man. A Beard Hair Transplant represents strength and maturity. It’s a distinguishing trait that can improve your appearance. It also helps boost your self-esteem.

Treatment Options:

A beard transplant involves the removal of hair from one part of the body. Then move it to your jawline. Or wherever you want your beard to grow. The treatment involves the following steps:

  • FUE:

The donor’s hairs are extracted in whole follicular units using this approach. FUE is also a less invasive treatment. This may explain why it is the more effective approach. The physician extracts the hair units one by one. Then they prepare them for the installation. After preparing the hair, the expert will implant it into the recipient area.

  • FUT:

A surgeon extracts hair follicles from a thin strip of tissue during this surgery. The expert will extract hair-bearing skin from the target area. A follicular unit is a collection of hair follicles. This likewise emerges through the skin in the same spot. Both techniques take hair follicle grafts from the back of the head and implant them.

How Does The Procedure Work?

It is an effective technique for males who have lost their moustache or beard. The expert will analyze the condition of the applicants. There are two crucial aspects to consider. First, a professional will check the situation. The second issue is the need for hair grafts. There are three sections to the operation. It starts with eliminating the donor area’s roots. The professional will next implant them in the bald areas. The procedure for Mustache Hair Transplant in Dubai works in the following steps:

  • The expert will clean the treatment area to avoid infection.
  • The specialist will then administer a local anaesthetic to avoid pain.
  • The length of the process depends on the needs of the hair follicles.
  • Cylindrical needles will extract hair follicles.
  • The needles will spin at a slow pace.
  • Hair follicles from FUE are transplanted into the moustache.
  • The planting angle in the facial region is critical.
  • The expert will implant the hair strain by following the right angles.
  • The expert will apply the healing supplements to the target area.
  • They will provide you with guidelines for effective results.


Beard Transplants are a potential solution for patchy beard growth. This method includes transplanting hair follicles onto bald parts of the beard. The technique is effective for increasing the volume of the bread’s hair. It provides the following advantages:

  • The technique produces long-term results.
  • It’s a risk-free surgical treatment.
  • The procedure is performed under anaesthesia.
  • It is a painless and relaxing process.
  • Applicants will have slight “pinches.”
  • The treatment results in natural hair.
  • The procedure also covers burns or scars.
  • The process allows for a wide range of beard styles.
  • It improves self-esteem.
  • It allows you to get your favourite bread styles.
  • The treatment’s results will appear within three to five months.
  • The procedure has the potential to be permanent.


It is normal to have some redness, swelling, and slight discomfort. It is felt at both the donor and recipient sites. But these adverse effects subside within a week or two. The constancy of the results depends on adherence to the aftercare. Following the therapy, applicants must follow the expert’s advice. The recovery process includes the following stages:

Initial Growth and Shedding:

Fresh hair may fall out in the first few weeks after therapy. But it is also a natural element of the hair growth cycle. This loss is temporary and should not be caused by alarm. Because the transplanted follicles will produce new hair.

Long-Term Results:

Patience is important if you want the treatment’s long-term effects. While you may notice some development within a few months. But reaping the full advantages may take a year or more.

Cost of Beard Hair Transplant:

The Cost of a Beard Transplant in Dubai is inexpensive. It might range between AED 3000 to AED 7000. Depending on the size of the area, this estimate could be greater. Please contact our specialists for pricing estimates for facial transplants. The following are cost-increasing factors:

  • The expert’s knowledge.
  • The clinic’s location.
  • The need for hair grafts.
  • The selection of the treatment.
  • The extent of the baldness.

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