Does Led Light Therapy Work for Rosacea

All-time redness on your skin? THIS IS ROSACEA! 

Got red spots on your skin? Blemishes that don’t go away even after topical applications? Planning laser treatment? Wait, we can help with LED light therapy! It is quite different from the laser, however, can be considered more advance. Surely after hearing this, you might be wondering: Does LED Light Therapy Work for Rosacea in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Here we talked about what Rosacea is, how to fix it, and how effective LED light is in treating this unwanted skin condition.

Before diving into LED therapy in detail, let’s first examine this skin condition.

What is Rosacea? 

Rosacea is a complex, treatable skin disorder that affects about 5-10% of the world’s population. It is usually characterized by redness of the cheeks, chin, nose with visible blood vessels, and small pimples. Commonly it affects the mid-blushing area of the face, however, if left untreated, there can be more inflammatory bumps and therefore often unwanted pimples.

According to a study published in 2019, rosacea tends to affect fair-skinned women, regardless of the cause. The actual cause of rosacea is still unknown, with some people blaming sun exposure, genetic problems, allergic infections, environmental factors, or an overactive immune system. Any reason you can speculate as so far the root cause is unknown.

Is LED a Good Solution for Rosacea?

Good? This is a fantastic solution for rosacea. Usually, LED Therapy is designed to reduce skin breakouts, acne pigmentation, sunburn, including rosacea. If a person suffers from such conditions, this therapy will be very useful, besides this, if there are no such conditions, it would treat aging signs and visible spots on the skin.

Our doctors believe that the condition of rosacea will greatly impact whether led therapy would be beneficial or not. It’s best to tackle this condition primarily, you will need to attend more sessions later, which can be frustrating and further makes the treatment a little expensive.

How LED Light Works For Rosacea?

Does LED light therapy work for rosacea in Dubai? Yes!

LED light penetrates deeper into the skin, stimulates the inner layers, and gives a rejuvenating effect. Collagen builds up in the dermis, the skin is cleansed and, eventually, redness fades. As soon as you take control of the situation, LED therapy will work more effectively.

Light therapy for such unusual skin happenings has been using for decades. It’s no more surprising to see light therapy treating even intense levels of rosacea. Best thing? You can do this while doing other things so it’s easier to form the habit of doing it every day. Its abundant benefits are accepted worldwide other than topical creams and antibiotics.

Which LED Light Is Preferred? 

The redness of rosacea is perfectly tackled with the unique characteristics of Yellow light LED therapy. It has soothing properties that work best in all skin types and colors. Yellow light is especially effective in reducing the symptoms of rosacea more effectively.

The Results:

How well and how early rosacea is treated depends on the number of sessions you attend and the skill of your surgeon. LED therapy usually cures rosacea within 2 to 3 months. However, some people begin to notice a 50-70% reduction in visible blood vessels after a month. All it depends upon you, how well your body responds to this LED therapy, as the results are personalized in each case.

Final Takeaway:

Undoubtedly, LED Rosacea Treatment in Dubai has helped thousands of people overcome this undesirable skin condition. Still, if you have further inquiries and want more answers on Does LED Light Therapy Work for Rosacea in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Consider meeting our skin specialists. Kindly book your appointment using the short form or just call us on + 971588230420.