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Have you been struggling with rosacea for a long time and feel like it has taken control of your life? Has this skin condition been a cause of your low self-esteem and confidence levels? Has this challenging phase made you lose all your hope in finding relief? Worry no more. We are offering you a solution that will address all your skin concerns leaving you with the kind of skin you desire to have. Rosacea Treatment in Dubai will provide you with the relief you have been seeking for a long. Learn how Rosacea Treatment: Dubai’s Secret Weapon addresses the root cause and successfully manages this condition.

What is the Impact of the Treatment?

Rosacea is a persistent skin condition consisting of symptoms such as redness on the face, prominent blood vessels, and bumps filled with pus. The treatment aims to manage the condition by alleviating the symptoms and making the individual feel confident in their skin. It involves a personalized plan that includes managing your symptoms. Finding out what triggers your skin. How severe your symptoms are and knowing what your skin type is.

Types of Methods 

Mentioned below are the several ways of having your skin concerns addressed from topical medications to Laser Rosacea Treatment In Dubai. These are:

  1. Medications: These include topical creams along with antibiotics to control inflammation and improve the skin texture. 
  2. Following Proven Strategies: Making them a part of your daily routine. These include applying sunscreen, managing stress, and avoiding triggering factors that are causing further breakouts. 
  3. Laser Treatments: Intense Pulsed Light and Vascular Lasers help target and reduce the apparent blood vessels and reduce redness.
  4. Surgical Procedure: Removes rhinophyma, the prominent bumps on the nose. 
  5. Dermabrasion: A procedure that removes the surface layer of the skin and smoothes out the thickened areas leading to an improvement of the texture. 


Read the steps given below explaining in detail what goes on during the process:

  • The first step involves consulting with a skin specialist. Having your skin examined, and conversing in detail about what symptoms you have.
  • Discuss your medical history as well. The specialist will be able to confirm whether you have rosacea or not.
  • The next step involves creating a customized treatment plan. The factors that are taken into consideration include the symptoms you have as well as their intensity along with your skin type and the irritants that are responsible for worsening the symptoms. 
  • For individuals with mild symptoms, topical medications can be very effective in reducing redness and bumps while those with severe cases can benefit from Laser Treatment for Rosacea in Dubai that targets the prominent blood vessels improving the overall skin texture. The specialist will recommend you with an approach that fits your needs and aligns with your preferences.        
  • You are required to attend all your scheduled appointments post-procedure to have your progress monitored as well as to have your concerns addressed. 


Read on to learn about the innumerable advantages offered to you.

  • It successfully diminishes redness which further leads to an even skin tone.
  • The frequent flare-ups are taken control of and therefore minimized.
  • The medications result in the alleviation of inflammation which further prevents any swelling from occurring. 
  • By addressing pimples and bumps, it smoothens the surface of the skin leading to an overall improvement in one’s skin texture. 
  • It gives a boost to one’s self-confidence by making them feel comfortable in their skin. 
  • It controls fungal overgrowth within the skin therefore nurturing the overall skin health of an individual.
  • The laser therapy leaves the individual with clear skin minimizing the appearance of the blood vessels and reducing redness. 
  • It is a personalized plan where you work together with your dermatologist to decide on an approach suited just for you. 
  • It results in preventing further skin complications from developing. 
  • Taking control of the symptoms leads to an enhancement in the overall well-being of a person and therefore improves their quality of life. 


It is a customized treatment plan, therefore the cost may vary for every individual. However, to give you a general idea, Laser Rosacea Treatment Cost as well as the price of other methods involved in this treatment ranges from AED 800 to AED 2,000. For more information, browse our website for detailed information. 

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