Fat Melting Injections

Various fat removing procedures have been devised to do desired body contouring. Among them, some are non-invasive, and some are invasive—although invasive body contouring may either be surgical or non-surgical. CoolSculpting or Fat Freezing is one such non-invasive body contouring treatment. On the other hand, Fat-melting, although non-surgical, is an invasive treatment as it involves administering Fat melting injections into the problematic area. Here we will look at the differences in these two procedures employed to attain the same objectives. Fat melting injections in Dubai are readily being used. This blog will inform you all about fat melting as well as fat freezing techniques and their differences in cost.

Procedural Differences

Cool Sculpting, being non-invasive, is carried out with the help of a special handheld device applied to the target area. Controlled cooling is instrumental in freezing stubborn fat. Then the destroyed fat is done away with naturally. The applicator applied to the fat pockets causes no harm to the skin. On the other hand, Fat-Melting is brought about by injecting a mixture of various chemicals into the fat pockets, which, on being administered, starts liquefying all the stubborn fat. The liquefied fat is then removed from the body easily. Depending on the requirement, 6 to 10 injections are usually injected to achieve desired contours. There are different options available as far as the type of injection is concerned.

Apart from this, both body contouring procedures do not include applying any type of anesthetics. However, in Fat-Melting, a numbing cream is occasionally applied to minimize the pain during treatment. In the case of Fat Freezing, during the course of the treatment, the patient might experience itching. In order to reduce that effect, the target area is gently massaged after carrying out the procedure.


Both Fat Freezing and Fat Melting techniques give results that are closest to the body’s natural contours. So, with regards to results, both the treatments are fairly impressive. The main advantage of the Fat Freezing over Fat Melting procedure is that the former can remove fat from any part of the body with ease. In contrast, the latter is only suitable for removing fat from the thighs, abdomen, arms, calves, and neck. In addition to this, the results in the case of CoolSculpting or Fat Freezing are visible after two weeks. The treated area then gradually becomes better over the course of a period of three to four months. As far as Fat Melting is concerned, the results are usually observable in six to eight weeks. 

These two body contouring procedures do not have any downtime. In the case of both the fat eliminating procedures, the area treated can remain red, swollen, and irritating for some days. However, both of these procedures are without long-term side effects. 


The aftercare tips for those who have undergone fat melting are complicated compared to the recommendations suggested to those treated with the Fat Freezing method. For smooth recovery, aftercare tips in the case of Fat-Melting include limited use of blood thinners for a week, protection of skin from harmful Ultraviolet rays. However, in the case of Fat Freezing, they are simpler, such as avoiding complete bed rest, smoking, and alcohol.

Cost of Fat Melting Injections

Fat melting injection price in Dubai keeps fluctuating according to the number of sessions and the treatment area. At Dynamic Clinic, a fat-melting injection will cost you around AED 495 per session for a small area and AED 1385 for three sessions in the same area. If a large area is to be treated by fat-melting injections, it will cost you around AED 895 for one session and AED 2559 for three sessions. You can get to know the exact price after having consulted your doctor. It is, however, essential to know the two factors that influence the cost, i.e., the area and the number of sessions. Therefore, before you decide to go for this procedure, you should know that a large area will cost you more.

The price of CoolSculpting in Dubai is decided as per consultation. Your doctor examines you before recommending this procedure. 

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